‘Law & Order’ Shares Hilarious Chris Meloni Selfie That Perfectly Sums Him Up

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, this needed to be amplified. The Law & Order social media account gave us a snap of the day. Of course, the picture was a Chris Meloni selfie.

So look closely. There’s Meloni standing above a street stone with the inscription “Daddy (hearts) you.” And there’s a five next to the heart. You remember your Law & Order: SVU history, don’t you. Meloni’s Elliot Stabler had five children with wife, Kathy.

The Law & Order account tweeted the photo with the caption: “Category: bad b*tch.”

We’ve got no idea whether Meloni took this selfie during filming of Law & Order: Organized Crime or whether it was some random street shot. The show started production last month for its third season. The premiere is Sept. 22.

Although Meloni was off for much of the summer, he still managed to remain a viral sensation. You probably remember the photos of the 61-year-old goofing around on set by doing the splits. He also did an interview where he conceded that when he worked out at home, he did so in the nude.

Meloni loves to show off his physique. And why not? His body is ageless. This time last year, Men’s Health dedicated its August cover to Meloni. That also came with a four-minute Meloni workout video. Then last month, Meloni and Peloton released another workout video. The 2.0 video was more tongue and cheek, emphasis on the cheeky. Meloni did the video in the buff, with some pixels used to blur out his privates, including his infamous butt.

The video had social media all abuzz. And that included comments from the actors who played the five Stabler kids. They still keep in touch, with several appearing in Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Allison Siko, who plays Stabler’s daughter, Kathleen, posted a screenshot of a text exchange she had with TV brothers and sisters. She appeared 29 times as Kathleen. That includes 11 episodes of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Eli, Stabler’s youngest child, is in high school and still lives with his dad.

Siko tweeted: “Faux kids reacting to Faux Father’s latest masterpiece.” She used the hashtag @iykyk, slang for “if you know you know.”

Jeffery Scaperrotta, aka Dicky Stabler, replied “I’m prob going to need his routine.” Yes, a 61-year-old workout warrior still can inspire the kids.

But getting back to the show. We’re all counting the days until the launch of new episodes for what NBC calls Law & Order Thursdays. Meloni left Law & Order: SVU in 2011 because of a contract disagreement he had with the network. Then after a decade absence, Meloni’s Stabler resurfaced with a new job. Stabler now works for New York’s Organized Crime Control Bureau.

The show’s title basically explains the premise. Stabler sometimes goes undercover to bust criminals. Unlike the other two L&O shows, Organized Crime focuses on multiple episode story arcs, as opposed to plots that begin and end in an hour.

Law & Order: Organized Crime producers hired a couple of new faces to the cast. But the show has yet to reveal details about the story arcs for season three. Season two focused on the Kosta Organization, Richard Wheatley, the Brotherhood and the Marcy Killers.

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