‘Law & Order’ Showrunner Rick Eid Hints More Show Alumni Will Return

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo By Getty Images)

For 20 years, Law & Order enjoyed an incredible amount of success; so much so that one series eventually became eight, along with five video games and a TV movie. After its 20th season, however, NBC canceled the series, and despite franchise creator Dick Wolf’s best attempts to find a new home for the beloved series, he was unsuccessful, and the show faded into the history books of television – for a time.

Despite the apparent failure of the original series, the Law & Order spinoff, Special Victims Unit, remained a massive success, becoming the longest-running live-action primetime series in the history of American television. Rather than fading away, the Law & Order franchise seemed to become more popular as the years passed. And finally, more than a full decade after its cancellation, the original series reappeared.

Though 11 years had passed, Law & Order veterans including Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson agreed to return for the revival of the series. As if no time had passed at all, Law & Order picked up right where it left off, the 21st season airing on NBC earlier this year.

“Full circle is what it is, and it’s a good thing,” Anderson said in an interview with ET. “You know, a lot of people ask why, and I say why not? It’s the opportunity to go back and reprise [my] character, and have a little fun in the dramatic space for a little while.”

‘Law & Order’ Season 22 Could Feature More Returning Alumni

Now that the return season of Law & Order is coming to an end, it appears that other former stars are itching to get back into the fictional courtroom. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Law & Order showrunner Rick Eid hinted at the return of more fan-favorite characters from the original 20 seasons.

“I’m sure next season we’ll think about some of our alumni and how to bring them back and build an episode around someone,” Eid said. The showrunner also revealed that he’s “heard from a few people who have indicated they’d love to come back.”

“It’s a great situation to be in,” he continued. “There are so many people that have been on the show and played great characters, whether they were series regulars, a judge or a defense lawyer.”

In addition to the return of Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson, Season 21 of Law & Order featured guest appearances from Carey Lowell and Dylan Baker. Jesse L. Martin also voiced interest in returning. “I certainly hope so,” Martin told ET. “There were a lot of loose ends when Ed Green left the scene, if you will.”

Regardless of the cast, Rick Eid is looking forward to the coming seasons and the new stories they’ll tell. “I’m super excited about next year and learning more about these characters and telling more interesting stories,” Eid said.