‘Law & Order’ Showrunner Rick Eid Reveals Lessons Learned From Revival’s Season 21

by Caitlin Berard

After more than a decade away from the Law & Order set, both the cast and crew were excited to get back to creating new episodes of the iconic crime drama. That said, twelve years is quite a long time. And though Season 21 was every bit as great as those previous, there was perhaps a little rust that needed shaking off for everyone.

If nothing else, the first season back allowed Law & Order showrunner Rick Eid to hammer out the exact direction in which he wants to go for future seasons. In an interview with Give Me My Remote, Rick Eid talked about what he learned while creating the long-awaited Season 21 of Law & Order.

“The biggest lesson, looking back, [is] you’ve got a really sophisticated and passionate fan base,” Eid said. “And you’ve got to make [the episodes] good. I don’t know if that’s a lesson I’ve learned, or that’s just what I feel, but you really want to create the best episodes possible, because the show has such a fantastic legacy and it’s so important to so many people.”

“[We] feel this obligation to make every episode as special as it can be or as authentic as it can be,” he continued. “And we try hard to do that. Whether we succeed all the time, I’m not sure. But that is our goal.”

‘Law & Order’ Showrunner Rick Eid Hopes to Give Characters Depth in Season 22

Though Law & Order is already known for its lovable, captivating characters, showrunner Rick Eid feels that there’s more depth to explore in the coming seasons. In fact, he says character exploration is one of his main goals for Season 22.

“We will probably… learn more about them on a personal level and a professional level. What makes them tick?” Eid explained. “Who are they? And dig deeper into all of that, whether it’s part of the main storyline or it’s just an aside. We’ll hopefully begin to learn more about these people and explore the different dynamics among the team in more depth.”

According to Eid, even the most fleshed-out characters might get a deep dive episode in the future. “At the beginning, I imagined the backstory of all the new characters,” the showrunner said. “I even found out what was said about Detective Bernard while he was on the show [during its original run] and then added my own version of [where he went after] that, in what he’s been doing in the intervening years.”

“You create all these backstories about all these characters, and then you write the episodes,” Eid continued. “And sometimes you go, ‘Nah, I feel like it’d be more interesting if this was really who he is or what he did’. You learn as you go. As you write, you get to know the characters better. But you need to have some—or at least I do—sense of who they are in my head. And then that evolves as I’m writing.”