‘Law & Order’ Star Chris Meloni Reveals Hilarious First Purchase With His Own Money

by Shelby Scott

Olivia Benson is Law & Order‘s sweetheart. The character, played by veteran actress Mariska Hargitay, is essentially the foundation of the long-running crime show. However, her costar Chris Meloni (Elliot Stabler) is just as crucial to many of the show’s biggest narratives. He even occasionally serves as the foil to his former partner. Outside the context of Law & Order though, Meloni is quite the class clown. And, this time, he has fans cracking up after recalling his hilarious first purchase with his own money.

Responding to the above post, “What was the first thing that you bought from money you earned by yourself?” Meloni didn’t skip a beat.

“Condoms and beer,” he revealed. “Never looked back.”

Fans, taking to the comments, had equally hysterical reactions to the Law & Order star’s post.

“[To be honest] I’m not surprised,” one follower quipped, “this is very on brand for you sir.”

Another agreed, similarly posting, “This is very on brand for you actually,” followed by a laughing-crying emoji.

A third fan joked, “Weird way to make water balloons, but whatever works.”

The Law & Order star is consistently sending the internet into hysterics, most recently shedding his clothes in an NSFW Peloton ad. If you’re feeling brave, you can check out the full story and video here.

‘Law & Order’ Fans Slam Show For ‘Double Standards’

Mental health is a massively important topic in America and around the globe, especially in recent years. So much so, that popular TV shows including Law & Order have begun exploring some serious afflictions and mental illnesses within their storylines. However, while it’s important to depict these topics, it’s even more important to cover them in a realistic way. And that’s why fans of the NBC series have slammed the show online. In a recent discussion, fans went into detail about some of Law & Order‘s biggest double standards regarding mental health.

One Reddit user kicked off the discussion, venting on the platform, “The double standard about mental health in old seasons is SO frustrating.”

They specifically referenced a storyline from the drama’s second season. In it, an (innocent) man suffering from schizophrenia “is called a nut case, [gets] accused of faking it, and told [getting] found not-guilty by reason of insanity is getting off easy.”

In comparison, a season seven episode spotlights a young woman with bipolar disorder who “gets off her meds, falsely accuses two boys of rape, and ran over ten people with her car, killing a girl.” The frustrated Law & Order fan explains that everyone is completely sympathetic toward her and defends her because of her illness.

A second Law & Order fan, irked by the alleged double standards, agreed, stating, “I always hated it when a case of the week involving a [mental health] disorder or gender identity was presented to the squad as if they had never heard of it despite airing earlier episodes with the same thing.”

Some Law & Order fans also spoke out about the show’s language regarding transgender people