‘Law & Order: SVU’: Are Chris Meloni and Ice-T Friends in Real Life?

by Joe Rutland

Friendships are not always easy as they look on the outside but Law & Order: SVU stars Chris Meloni and Ice-T do their best. Every Thursday night, you can tune into NBC and see them play their famed characters. Watching them on SVU or even Law & Order: Organized Crime these days for Meloni’s Stabler is fun to do. Ice-T’s “Fin” Tutuola has gotten along with Stabler in the past. That’s going to happen again. Well, some people might wonder if they are friends in real life. Let’s take a look and see.

Ice-T appears to be cool with his fellow franchise cast member. In an interview with Hollywood Life, the actor-musician said that he was 100 percent behind Meloni leaving to do his own thing. “Like I’ve said, a lot of people don’t get into acting to play one part for 20 years, you know?” Ice-T said. “It’s like me only singing one song at the concert every year. So he went off to do his thing. He did movies. He had his own show. Now he’s back and in a good place.”

Ice-T of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Says Meloni Is ‘Fun’

He would go on to say that Meloni is a “great person.” “He’s fun,” Ice-T said. “We’re very similar. You got two alpha males, you know what I’m saying? So me and him understand each other. Mariska (Hargitay) loves to see him back. You guys are gonna love the episodes that we’ve done so far. I’ve shot a couple of episodes with Chris, so he crosses over back and forth a couple of times.” Yes, he sure did as Stabler started taking his place on Organized Crime but did venture over into SVU territory.

While there are no direct comments from Meloni regarding Ice-T, it would appear that everything is smooth between them. Friendships like this one develop over time and TV seasons. Ice-T is not a man who will since his words. Case in point: his social media posts. So, if he’s saying everything is cool between them, then take his word for it. Yes, Meloni and Ice-T will be back this fall in their famed roles.

Meloni has brought out more from Stabler in this new series. It might seem impossible to have more layers to Elliot that the franchise’s fans haven’t seen yet. But Stabler keeps showing new things about himself and his relationships. Of course, longtime fans would love to see him and Hargitay’s Olivia Benson get serious. They have their separate storylines and their own shows as well. Is another crossover in the offing? We’ll have to wait and see in this upcoming season. Dick Wolf, though, loves to please his show’s fans a lot.