‘Law & Order: SVU’: Carisi Tells His Priest He Wants to Marry Rollins, Fans Swoon

by Suzanne Halliburton

What’s that? Does anyone hear wedding bells? Carisi dropped the M word during Thursday’s Law & Order: SVU. Too bad Rollins wasn’t in the room.

Carisi briefly mentioned marriage as Law & Order: SVU opened its episode called “Confess Your Sins to Be Free.” He was visiting his childhood church in Hell’s Kitchen. Everybody there knows him as Sonny. And he’s been friends with Father Duffy since they both played Little League in middle school. The priest asked “Set a date yet?” And how does Carisi respond? “She hasn’t even said yes. In fact, I haven’t even asked her yet, so early stages.”

As we know, Dominick Carisi (Peter Scanavino) is an ex-cop turned assistant district attorney assigned to SVU. Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) is a detective with SVU. The two were having a secret fling. But they recently went public.

Fans of Law & Order: SVU love the two together. That’s why they have a nickname — Rollisi.

Amanda Rollins Didn’t Even Appear in Law & Order: SVU Episode

Rollins didn’t even appear in Thursday’s episode. Instead, Carisi took center stage as he tried to bring a rapist to justice. And it was an emotional case as he questioned his faith and how well he knew a childhood friend.

How did fans respond? They loved all aspects of Peter Scanavino’s performance. Obviously, it warmed your heart to hear him mention marriage. But the episode gave us more glimpses into what made Carisi the man he is today. First place to check is his old church in his old neighborhood.

Count Betty Buckley, a Tony Award winner and member of the American Theater Hall of Fame, as a fan of Scanavino.

“You were incredible tonight!!” Buckley wrote on Twitter, “Such a beautiful, full-hearted performance. Thank you. XOXO.”

Case of the Week Involved a Priest Raping Women

Another fan of Law & Order: SVU posted: “I love Peter Scanavino’s acting tonight. Giving Carisi such fire and rage! You can’t ask for a better performance than that!”

Carisi and the SVU detectives were trying to figure out who raped a woman named Audrey. She was the sister of one of Carisi’s friends. And she was having marital problems. She was coming to confession, asking God to help her stop cheating on her husband. In the confession, she talked of her fling with her neighbor. She’d leave the door unlocked at 10, so he could come in while her husband was at work. Then one night, a stranger got there before her lover. He walked into her apartment and raped her. The only other people who knew about her unlocked door were the priests hearing her confessions. One of those priests was Father Duffy. But neither Father Regis nor Father Duffy would even acknowledge Audrey had been to confession much less provide details about what she said.

SVU sent in Det. Ruiz, undercover, to make a confession. She said the same thing to each priest. She felt guilt over cheating on her husband. She’d leave the door unlocked at her art gallery at a certain time for her lover. They were on for tonight. Hours later, Fin, Velasco and Ruiz waited at the art gallery. Father Duffy showed up. But he insisted to the cops it’s not what they thought. He wanted to protect the woman, not assault her.

Attorney Told Priest He Was Having a Crisis of Faith

Carisi figured out that his friend was covering up for someone else. He probably also heard the confessions of his fellow priest. So maybe Father Regis should be the suspect. Carisi had a huge heart-to-heart with Father Duffy, telling him he was having a crisis in faith. He said that if Duffy still refused to tell him confessional information. Father Regis could harm other women or children.

“At what point do your vows become more important than your fellow human beings,” Carisi told Duffy.

So a fan posted: “Carisi is delivering all the passion with his acting tonight. Fantastic acting. I am here for it. BRAVO.:

Duffy did help. He told Carisi he’s not the only one who hears Regis’ confessions. He goes to the cemetery to visit his mother’s grave twice a week. Fin and Velasco were able to hear him tell his mother what he’d done. With that confession, they cuffed him on the spot.

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