‘Law & Order: SVU’s Diane Neal Blasts ‘B-tchy Ladies’ Who Got Ticked About Military, Babies Boarding Plane First

by Caitlin Berard

Travel, especially air travel, is a stressful experience for everyone. Spending hours and hours cramped in a seat surrounded by strangers isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun day. Some people, however, take their irritability to a level to which most of us wouldn’t dare go.

Law & Order: SVU star Diane Neal experienced one such incident during a recent day of air travel. As she and her fellow passengers waited in line to board the plane, the fictional District Attorney overheard a shocking conversation. Two women with first-class tickets were upset that those in the military or traveling with small children were invited to board before those in first-class.

Neal shared the experience on Instagram, to which she added her own hilarious commentary. “B-tchy ladies in first-class ripping on military and babies that get to go first,” she wrote in the caption. “WOW. Seriously, wish you could overhear them. See you next Tuesday, ladies. Baby haters not supporting the troops. So crazy!”

In the video, the Law & Order: SVU star explained the situation further. “Okay, it’s like…the b-tchy ladies in first-class who are really p-ssed off that the babies and military people get to go first,” she said with a laugh. “I wish you could overhear the conversation.”

“It’s amazing,” she added, stealthily giving fans a shot of the women before mocking their conversation with cartoonish facial expressions.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans React to Diane Neal’s Hilarious Commentary

Unsurprisingly (albeit sadly), many Law & Order: SVU fans have experienced similar situations in the past and shared their stories in the comments. “A few years ago I used to work as an airline gate agent and I can assure you this situation happens very often,” one wrote. “I had to play my role as Casey Novak to defend them from those Karens. You’re hilarious.”

Many in the replies are either active duty or retired military and applauded Diane Neal for her reaction. Some even explained how they would handle the situation. “If I was there I would have stared her down while showing my active duty ID to board before her. Bonus points if I had a first-class seat,” one said. “As a Veteran I would have stared at her and made sure she saw my hat, as I usually wear my USAF Veteran hat,” another added.

Others were simply amused by Diane Neal’s entertaining comments and reaction to the incident. “Omg your commentary is hysterical…lmao your imitation of them at the end,” one fan wrote. “See you next Tuesday. What a hashtag! I hope their luggage gets lost! The imitation at the end killed me,” another joked.