‘Law & Order: SVU’ Executive Producer Assures Fans Rollins’ Exit Will Be a ‘Happy’ One

by Suzanne Halliburton

Kelli Giddish rocked Law & Order: SVU fans Wednesday with the news she’s leaving the show sometime this coming season.

Fans are emotionally invested in Giddish’s Rollins, the detective from Georgia who finally found true love with Peter Scanavino’s Dominick Carisi. The couple has several social media-approved nicknames including “Rollisi” and “Rollivisi.” (Thank Mariska Hargitay for the Rollisi tweak).

Julie Martin, the executive producer for Law & Order: SVU, tried to quiet all the Rollisi angst. One fan asked her:

“Please just allow all of us who identified with Rollins to have her happy ending. She can leave the squad and still be with Carisi. This relationship was therapy- it was real, it was raw, it was beautiful.”

Martin promised: “#Rollisi will have a happy ending. Stay tuned.”

Earlier Wednesday, NBC released a statement on behalf of the Law & Order: SVU star. Then Giddish posted it on her Instagram feed.

“I wanted to address the chatter I’ve seen online and let everyone know that this will, indeed, be my last season on ‘Law & Order: SVU,” Giddish said. “Playing Rollins has been one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life. I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of the ‘Law & Order’ family for the last 12 years. There is simply no other character on TV like Rollins. She’s grown and changed, and I have as well. I started on this show when I was in my late 20s. And I’m grateful I got to spend so many of my adult years with Rollins in my life.

“I want to thank Dick Wolf, Mariska Hargitay, Warren Leight, Peter Jankowski, NBC, Universal Television, all of my co-stars, every single member on the crew and all the writers here for our incredible work together these last 12 years. I’m so excited to take all the things I have learned in my time on ‘SVU’ and put them toward everything that’s next to come.”

The social media account for Wolf Entertainment (creator of Law & Order: SVU) posted : “Always a member of the Wolfpack. Thank you.”

Rollins definitely is a multi-dimensional character, especially for a police detective. On SVU, she transferred from Atlanta to NYC after investigating a serial rapist. She had a big-time gambling problem, which no one knew about until she was on assignment in Atlantic City. And her private life was a mess. Her sister was crazy and she was estranged from her father. Her love life was all over the place. As a single woman, she is raising two daughters. The fathers were two different boyfriends.

Rollins also got involved with men at work. But she’s happy now after falling in love with Sonny Carisi, who often gave her a shoulder to cry on after some of her worst cases. And as Law & Order: SVU ended season 23, we learned that Carisi was talking about marrying Amanda. He even introduced her to his mother. Keep in mind, the two only went public with their relationship this past season.

The couple sizzles so much that their chemistry even translated into Spanish. Rollisi es caliente!

It’s unclear how long Giddish will stick around in this Law & Order: SVU season. Earlier Wednesday, NBC announced that the three Law & Order shows will do a gigantic, three-hour crossover for their collective season premieres, Sept. 22.

Given what the showrunner said about a happy ending, here’s hoping that the Rollins’ finale includes a wedding.