‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Criticize Olivia Benson for This Common Storyline

by Megan Molseed

For over three decades now, the hit NBC detective crime-drama series, Law & Order: SVU has been bringing us some of the most intense moments on TV. Most of these moments come in the form of one-and-done storylines as the detectives work tirelessly to solve cases in the Special Victims Unit. However, the series also brings us some continuous storylines. With our favorite Law & Order detectives dealing with their own families when they are not solving crimes.

One of these storylines is the relationship between SVU detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and her sister Kim (Michaela McManus). It’s been well established that both Amanda Rollins and her sister have led a hard life. And the two sisters have long relied on each other for support. SVU’s Amanda went on to find relative success in her life. However, Kim still struggles with some basic needs, falling to Amanda whenever she needs help.

Does Kelli Giddish’s Amanda Rollins Give In Too Much When It Comes To Her Sister

Some fans of the series are noting something about this storyline that isn’t sitting well. The fact that Rollins’s former colleague and current captain, Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson, doesn’t seem to be supportive of Rollins’s willingness to help her sister.

“I hate how Benson always judges Rollins for always protecting Kim,” one Redditor says in a recent post.

“Kim’s a psychopath,” the Law & Order: SVU fan adds. “But at least Amanda grew up with Kim and basically raised her sister their entire lives.”

“But Benson was ready to ride or die for Simon,” the commenter continues. “and ruin her career for someone she’s only known for 24 hours.”

Law & Order: SVU Fans Discuss A Double-Standard In One Of Olivia Benson’s Storylines

Many of the Redditors who responded to the original post agree that Olivia is unfairly judgemental of Amanda Rollins’s willingness to help her sister. Especially since Olivia’s own brother, Simon came into her life in one shocking SVU storyline.

“At least Simon was innocent of the crime he was accused of when Liv helped him go on the run,” one SVU fan points out. The fan goes on to add that Kim wasn’t innocent and “Rollins risked her badge to help her knowing that”

SVU Fans Struggle With The Simon Storyline

Another fan says a lot of this double standard rests in the way each of the characters are developed in the series. Especially when Olivia is struggling with finding out that Simon even existed.

“They did such a piss poor job writing Simon’s character,” the Redditor says.

“He was so whiny and needy and always making things worse,” the Law & Order: SVU fan continues. “Not to mention Benson’s head totally went out the window when she found out about him.”

This commenter also points out that Amanda Rollins is known for her tendency to make bad judgments. Especially when it comes to her “terrible family members.”

“I can hear Amanda in my head saying ‘Kiiiiiiim’ with a disappointed look on her face,” the Redditor quips.

“I think at the end of the day Olivia saw Simon as the only family she has and Amanda saw Kim as the only family she has/can still help,” offers another SVU fan.

“Olivia was empathetic towards Amanda at first seeing that she didn’t fire Amanda after the second incident (the first Cragen was in charge so she didn’t have a say),” the commenter continues.

“I think it got to the point where Olivia had to set a professional boundary,” the fan notes. “and didn’t want to lose her top detective over a messed up family.”