‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Debate Major Character’s ‘Hatred’ of Women

by Alex Falls

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has one of the most dedicated fanbases in all of TV. After more than 500 episodes and 23 seasons, fans have gotten to know these characters extremely well over the years.

A recent discussion on the SVU Subreddit has fans debating the morality of one Amanda Rollins. The over-eager detective is portrayed by Kelli Giddish and she’s been part of the main cast since season 13.

However, some fans have pointed out her questionable approach to other women during her investigations. The post titled, “Does Rollins hate women”, kickstarted a heated debate among SVU fans. The first post began by saying, “I don’t get rollins at this point, I’m watching part 33 and I don’t understand why she is even on SVU.”

‘Law & Order’ Fans’ Arguments Against Rollins

The Reddit user continued, “This episode clearly didn’t show me this but if it feels like the final straw she’s spent countless episodes of countless seasons blaming victims, convincing others not to believe victims, and hating victims off of arbitrary things she doesn’t agree with… I mean, like her as a person but SVU is NOT the unit for her.”

The debate quickly gained a lot of attention. The top comment pointed out the double standard behind the argument. “When Rollins does it, it’s because she is a woman hater who doesn’t belong on the force. But when Stabler does it, it’s because he’s ‘old fashioned’.”

The top comment continued to point out that all of the detectives have made questionable choices over the years. “None of these characters are perfect. They all say and do awful things sometimes, people just pick and choose which ones they forgive and which ones they condemn. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Everyone has the right to an opinion and this one isn’t any worse than anyone else’s.”

THE SVU’s Devil’s Advocate

One user called her the “devil’s advocate of the squad which is never a fun role to play.” The next most popular argument against calling Rollins a woman-hater points out her traumatic upbringing as a source for her actions towards other women.

“She doesn’t hate women. She just used to feel like they are to blame for the abuse they endured because they could’ve just left,” the user wrote. “Due to her trauma with her abusive home (watching her mother be abused and not leaving), she grew up with the idea that if you’re being abused but don’t leave, it’s your fault for being abused.”

The counterpoint here being if this is true and her actions towards women come from a place of past trauma, then she should admit she’s not suitable for a role in SVU. Others believe it all comes down to Rollins not wanting to see women victimize themselves.

“From what I’ve seen she herself does not want to see herself as a victim. And so seeing women who she believes are victimizing themselves is a pet peeve of hers. Even when these women weren’t in preventable situations the circumstances may have been preventable to Rollins.”