‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Debate the ‘Saddest Part’ of the Series

by Shelby Scott

As one of TV’s most popular crime dramas, Law & Order: SVU boasts a multitude of intense, sad, and emotional moments. However, 23 seasons of the legal show makes for a variety of tearjerking situations. And now, in a new Reddit post, fans debated some of the series’ saddest parts. See what they had to say below.

One SVU fan kicked off the thread writing, “What was the saddest part of SVU/what made you cry?”

Fans’ responses varied, though every single comment was more impactful than the last.

“Mike Dodds death is the only episode that’s made me cry,” one fan claimed, “especially when the chief broke down.”

Numerous Law & Order: SVU fans agreed, with more than 150 viewers upvoting the comment. “I sobbed at his funeral especially,” one fan admitted, while another wrote, “This! I’ve seen it [so] many times, and I always cry. The acting is so good.”

Another Law & Order fan highlighted the moment viewers were introduced to Stabler as a child, writing, “Stabler and his mom on the beach building sandcastles. My mom is bi polar and her acting was so spot on there.”

A third fan spotlighted Sonya’s death in the emotional episode, “Pursuit.” In the Reddit thread, they wrote, “Liv is holding her and Sonya’s last words are, ‘I got him.’

‘Law & Order’ Fans Identify the Best Showrunner

Law & Order has dominated primetime TV for more than two decades. As such, it makes sense that it had multiple showrunners, with number seven heading season 24. However, different showrunners give the legal drama a different feel. And while these individuals don’t technically appear on the screens, fans nevertheless have highlighted their favorite one.

Taking to Reddit, the best place for legal drama gossip, fans named Neal Baer Law & Order‘s No. 1 showrunner.

Baer served as the series showrunner from season three up through season 12, and fans frequently look back on the show’s older episodes for some of the most captivating plotlines. One fan even said in the post, “Those [older] seasons kept it…So fresh, in fact, [that] every now and then, later seasons just seemed to recycle a plot from that timeline.”

Among SVU‘s lengthy list of leaders, Warren Leight, the series’ most recently departed showrunner, stands out as well. Both Law & Order cast members and fans credit the seasoned professional for the series success in its latter years.

Altogether, Neal Baer remained showrunner for a massively impressive decade, however, Warren Leight boasts a significant number of seasons himself. Before his departure following the conclusion of SVU‘s 23rd season, Leight remained showrunner for seven successful years. However, unlike Baer, Leight’s were scattered throughout the series. He first came on for seasons 13-17 before leaving and returning to run seasons 21-23.

With SVU on its 7th new showrunner, David Graziano, it will be interesting to see how Law & Order differs moving forward.