‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Demand the Return of This Beloved Character

by Joe Rutland

Fans fall in love with characters on shows like Law & Order: SVU and want them to hang around for a long, long time. In talking about this show, people like Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T come to mind. They’ve been on there since the show’s first seasons. Yet there have been many others who have come through the show. One of these is definitely on the “We want him back!” now list. Who is this beloved character?

A thread on Reddit simply begins with four words: “I want Barba back.” The fan goes on to write, “And I want him now. I still believe the show has declined since he left. There were some of the best trials and cases when he was there. He had an amazing arc and bowed out like a boss.” This fan also writes that the show needs Barba, played by Raul Esparza, to remind Liv [Olivia, played by Hargitay] who she is as this fan believes she’s forgotten it since Stabler [Chris Meloni] has come back. “I need that, the show needs that, the world needs that. So come on!”

Fan of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Says Barba Had ‘The Perfect Balance’

Another Redditor writes, “For me, Barba had the perfect balance between doing what’s right and following the law to the letter, keeping his head clear and still doing things beyond his job – till his exit episode which was a character assassination.” This person also says that Barba was a “perfect partner” for Liv but not in a romantic sense. Barba was an assistant district attorney on Law & Order: SVU. Esparza played the role beautifully until the show wrote him out. Barba would come back, though, to defend Richard Wheatley, played by Dylan McDermott.

This fan replies, “Yes, he keeps her in check. Now she has too much leeway and does whatever. It’s like damn do laws even work. I hate how everything goes her way”. There’s another Redditor who is tired of Stabler’s “famous mantrums” and wants Barba back right now. “You’re right, the show was the best when he was on,” this person says. “I feel like they should’ve never brought Elliot back. In my opinion they waited too long for this whole ‘will they won’t they’ w Olivia. They missed their opportunity and now it just kinda feels like ‘what’s the point?'”

At one time, Esparza even talked about a potential Benson-Barba romance. “Mariska [Hargitay] and I kind of laughed about it,” Esparza would tell TVLine in an interview. “Like, ‘Well, are we suddenly in a triangle here? What’s going on?’ It surprised me to have it brought out so explicitly. However, but not too much. There are fans that have always wanted to kind of spin-off that story.”