‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Are Losing It Over This Pic of Peter Scanavino and Raúl Esparza

by Joe Rutland

Law & Order: SVU fans love seeing stars of the show reunite. A recent photo of Peter Scanavino and Raul Esparza has fans going nuts. Scanavino plays Dominick Carisi Jr. while Esparza comes back in the Season 23 finale to play Rafael Barba.

Peter Scanavino Shares Snap With Raul Esparza And ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Love It

One Law & Order SVU fan writes, “That’s a great pic of you two.” Another one chimes in and says, “YESSSS!!!!” followed by a lot of heart emojis. This Law & Order: SVU fan writes, “WE HAVE MISSED YOU STOP.” That’s followed by a reply saying, “THE GREATEST DUO EVER.”

It looks like these fans are ready to rock and roll as the Season 23 finale will be popping up on NBC. One says, “I love you.” Lastly, one says, “Love this! Love courtroom episode, and love you! I’m already emotional for the finale”.

The Dick Wolf-created drama just sets the night on fire with storylines galore. We just might get one whale of a courtroom scene in this finale. Fans are whetting their appetites to have these featured in the finale. Speaking of fans, there was one time that Scanavino addressed dealing with fans’ reactions.

Scanavino Talks About Dealing With Fans’ Reactions To His Work on TV

“It was my first TV show,” the Law & Order: SVU star told The Hollywood Reporter in a 2016 interview. “But I’ve also done a lot of plays and I’ve been panned in plays, but you don’t let it affect you. You can’t get bogged down in that. You have to bet on yourself, bet that what you’re doing is good. Even if that turns out not to be good, At least you know that you did what you wanted to do and you didn’t let somebody’s opinion of you guide you.”

As the Carisi-Rollins romance storyline was picking up steam at that time, Scanavino also had an interesting thought about dealing with fans on social media. “I’m really grateful for when people support me, but if you believe too much into somebody saying, ‘Wow, you’re amazing,’ on Twitter then you have to believe when somebody says, ‘Wow, you’re awful,’ on Twitter, which definitely happens.”

“I had to grow a pretty tough skin when I first came on the show because the majority of the feedback was, ‘This guy is disgusting. He’s a pedophile himself,'” Scanavino said of Law & Order: SVU. “So I’m glad I’ve been embraced recently and especially this season, but don’t let that drive you.”