‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Marvel at This Character’s ‘Ridiculous’ Storylines

by Caitlin Berard

Law & Order: SVU is the picture of consistency. Every year for 23 years running, the cast and crew of SVU have produced a new batch of episodes. The vast majority even fall within the same window – September to May. Only a few seasons throughout the years have deviated even slightly from this schedule.

Year in and year out, the dedicated detectives of SVU face off against some of New York City’s most despicable criminals and it has yet to get old, even with fans who’ve seen every single episode multiple times (there are over 500 episodes in the SVU catalog, but those fans are out there).

Now, the heroes of Law & Order aren’t superhuman. No one is saving the world from interdimensional monsters or going on epic quests with boundless opportunities for action and adventure. No, the detectives of the SVU are just normal, everyday people doing their best to make their city a better place.

And while the show isn’t a window into the real life of NYC detectives, nor does it try to be, it is bound by its dedication to realism. As such, there’s only so far any given story can go.

That said, it is a drama. And a Dick Wolf drama, at that. So while the SVU detectives don’t battle zombies or aliens, they have absolutely seen their fair share of gruesome situations.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Recount Detective Stabler’s Career

Keep in mind that Law & Order: SVU has been producing new episodes consistently since the late ’90s. The show blew through the “typical” selection of storylines in the first season and has since produced 22, soon to be 23 more.

Those with the longest tenures with the show, particularly Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni, have been through every conceivable scenario possible.

In a recent Reddit thread, Law & Order: SVU fans went over Detective Elliot Stabler’s borderline “ridiculous” career. And they’re not wrong – when you lay it all out, it’s a wonder Stabler is still alive at all, let alone a continued member of the NYPD.

“Please help me list as much as you can think of that’s happened to [Stabler] in SVU… I think the list will be a bit long and ridiculous,” the original poster wrote. The ultra-knowledgable Law & Order fans of Reddit delivered, reciting every injury they could remember. And the list was, indeed, a little ridiculous.

Throughout his 12-year career with the Special Victims Unit, Elliot Stabler was shot and stabbed multiple times. But that’s just the beginning. The beloved detective was also temporarily blinded, thrown through glass, thrown off a building, slashed with a knife, exposed to HIV, and brutally beaten, resulting in broken ribs.

One fan summed up the experience of reading Stabler’s never-ending list of injuries perfectly. “We all talk about the trauma Olivia has (and rightfully so),” they wrote. “But lord have mercy this man has been through a lot.”