‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Name the Lawyer They ‘Really Hate’

by Megan Molseed

During its 23 seasons on the air, Law & Order: SVU has brought us some memorable players. Some we absolutely love…others are characters that we love to hate. And, one recent Reddit post discusses some of the latter characters when it comes to the attorneys in the series. Primarily which defense lawyer fans of the hit TV series “really hate.”

“How the show is written I imagine most answers will be defense lawyers,” the original Reddit comment starts out in the post.

“[B]ut just in case someone really hates one of the prosecutors I left that open,” the comment continues. Starting off the conversation, this Reddit user notes that the character they have the hardest time with is Delaney Williams’s defense attorney John Buchanan. This character, the commenter notes is “just so…slimy.”

I loathe that guy as if he’s a real person,” the Redditor relates. “[P]robably because he’s an archetype.”

Law & Order: SVU Fans Agree On Which Defense Attorney They Really, Really Dislike

One Redditor agrees with the original comment by simply noting “Buchanon immediately came to mind for me.” While another SVU fan notes that their choice is “Definitely Buchanan!”

There’s no doubt that Law & Order: SVU fans have big feelings about this character…and they aren’t good ones either. One Redditor hates the defense lawyer so much that they used caps – and some swearing when talking about the character.

“[F***ING] BUCHANAN,” the Redditor exclaims. “God I hate him {so much].”

“I legit have to fast forward sometimes,” another SVU fan says. “He is too good at playing hated.”

One Redditor even calls the character a “menace to society.”

We’ve Seen Buchanan In Another Part Of The Law & Order Franchise

One Redditor gives us a bit of a throw-back memory. Noting that they remember this character showing up in one of the early spin-offs, Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

“Oh he’s sooo skeevy!!!” the Redditor posts.

“But I think it’s because I also remember the actor’s performance in a Criminal Intent episode,” the Law & Order fan adds. “He was creepy in that one too..”

“Buchanan 100%,” another Redditor agrees.

“He always defends these predator college kids and tells the victim she ‘wanted it,’” the comment continues of the defense attorney

“Or some variation of that,” the Law & Order fan adds. “I can’t watch those episodes they do honestly trigger me.”

Buchannan May Be The Worst, But There Are Certainly More Contenders To Consider

One fan notes that John Buchanan is certainly the worst attorney on the series. However, they also name a prosecutor as one of the worst attorneys on SVU.

“Just so you get at least 1 prosecutor, Mikka Von,” this commenter writes of the character portrayed by Paula Patton.

“Got transferred back after one day for unethical behavior lol,” the Redditor adds.

“Yeah, we didn’t get time to like her,” another Law & Order: SVU fan responds.

“Other prosecutors have crossed the line and we think of them as heroes,” they add. “But hers was in her first episode.”

Another fan names another attorney, Elizabeth Marvel’s Rita Calhoun. This character, the commenter notes, is way too “flip floppy on her stances.”