‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Slam NBC Following Kelli Giddish Exit Announcement

by Taylor Cunningham

Fans are beside themselves after learning that Kelli Giddish did not leave Law & Order: SVU on her own accord. And many think that the drama surrounding the situation will be the end of the series.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Giddish announced that she was retiring from her fan-favorite character Amanda Rollins and about the same amount of time since people found out that she didn’t simply quit.

While the actress took the high road with her official statement, the decision to kick Giddish off the show came “from above,” meaning it came from creator Dick Wolf. And ever since that information leaked, the cast, crew, and fans alike have been furious.

The Law & Order: SVU audience has even invented two trending hashtags on social media to express their anger—#KelliDeservesBetter and #NoRollinsNoRatings—which doesn’t bode well for the series’ future.

Most people had grown to love Detective Rollins. Not only does she add dimension to the plot with her real-life flaws. But she is also part of some of the most popular relationships on the show with her friendship with Benson and romance with Carisi. So, some are wondering if the series is even salvageable without her.

“The show’s hanging on by a thread as it is why would you force out a character who is holding the show together?” @LilyBlue0458 asked. “She has a great relationship with every character. @WolfEnt why are you [jeopardizing] the future of the show?”

“Have fun going from #1 in so many things to collapsing because you chose to mess up some of the best things you’ve ever created @nbc@WolfEnt,” added @upsteadhawkami, who noted both Giddish’s and Chicago P.D.’s  Jesse Lee Soffer’s exits.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Creator Has Not Shared Why He Fired Kelli Giddish

As of yet, no one with Wolf or NBC has shared why they fired the actress. But judging by her co-worker’s responses, there is some bad blood on set.

Former Law & Order: SVU writer David Matthews publically shamed the creator by saying “whatever horrible things you hear about D Wolf are likely understatements.” And apparently, Mariska Hargitay went to bat for the actress as well. And Hargitay furthered her stance with two cryptic social media posts that are clearly targeting the situation.

And though time has passed since the news broke, it doesn’t appear that wounds are healing. In fact, people seem to be getting more upset as the days pass.

“I’ll never forgive Dick Wolf for this,” wrote @TeachItAsh. “It’s so unjust and cruel to do to a woman who did NOTHING wrong. Kelli Giddish has spent 11 years busting her ass with the content she was given. This is a trash decision and EVERYBODY knows it.”

Kelli Giddish will star in a portion of this season’s story. As showrunner David Graziano revealed, her last appearance will be during episode 9. Be sure to catch the actress’ final performances when the show returns to NBC on September 22.