‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over These Villains That Just ‘Got Under Your Skin’

by Caitlin Berard

Law & Order: SVU just wrapped up its 23rd season and already has a 24th on the way. With dozens of episodes per season, there are now more than 500 episodes in the SVU catalog. And as there’s a new villain in virtually every episode, fans have seen the squad bring down hundreds of despicable characters since its premiere in 1999.

The whole point of SVU is that Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and her team deal with perpetrators of “especially heinous” and “vicious” felonies in New York City. As such, the villains of the series are the worst of the worst.

That said, some have disgusted fans so thoroughly over the years that they stand out as even more nefarious than their fellow lawbreakers. In a recent Reddit thread, diehard SVU fans named their most hated villains of the series, and a few stood out as the clear winners.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Name Their Most Hated Villains

To begin the conversation, the creator of the thread posed the question: “Has there been a villain character on this show that really irked your nerves or got under your skin? Name them.”

To say fans were fired up in the replies would be an understatement. Just thinking about the revolting behavior of the fictional criminals had some fans screaming via keyboard. For the original poster, the answer was easy – William Lewis, who they said they “couldn’t wait for someone to catch.”

A serial killer and sadist, William Lewis was responsible for a string of crimes over the span of 7 episodes and 2 seasons. He even kidnapped and tortured Olivia Benson – twice! The hatred for Lewis is well deserved. And while he was among the top choices, he wasn’t the most hated villain.

And the Award Goes to…

According to Law & Order: SVU fans, the worst villain by far is none other than Kim Rollins, the younger sister of beloved detective Amanda Rollins. The user who suggested her received hundreds of upvotes. Many fans also took to the replies to vehemently express their agreement. And more than one user shared that they find her so horrible they have to skip her episodes entirely.

“She’s the worst character on the entire show,” one fan wrote. “I hate her so much, I can’t even put it into proper words,” another said. “She makes me want to throw every single shoe I own at her dumb face. And that’s a lot of shoes.”

A few honorable mentions include Henry Mesner, a psychopath and serial assailant, Simon Wilkes, a child abuser, and Sebastian Ballentine, a con artist and serial rapist.