‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Think This Is One of the Most Underrated Friendships on the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

While Law & Order: SVU highlights disturbing criminal cases surrounding sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, fans find warmth in the characters’ close bonds, with the most notable being the borderline romance between Benson and Stabler. But there is one friendship that fans wish

Olivia Benson’s Mariska Hargitay has been with the series since its premiere. And Odafin “fin” Tutuola’s Ice-T joined during Season 2. Twenty-two years later, both stars remain as lead characters.

However, fans don’t think that the writers play off Benson and Fin’s obvious chemistry enough. And they wish that their friendship would be more at the forefront of the story.

“I know many love to talk about the Benson and Stabler partner/relationship and Fin/Munch partner/relationship,”
u/ovoxo13 wrote on Reddit last year. “But I don’t think the Benson/Fin relationship gets enough love! Unlikely pairing that always have each others back when things go south. Thoughts?”

Several users jumped into the conversation to add that they love how “protective” Fin is of Benson. And one pointed out Fin’s famous one-liner, “I watch her back, not her backside.”

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Appreciate the Detectives’ Common Ground

As the original commenter pointed out, while Stabler was in the series, most of the attention was on “Bensler.” And even though he now leads his own series, Law & Order: Organized Crime, that relationship is still a major plot—not that anyone is complaining. But with some obvious holes left in the series, it would be nice to fill them with more Benson and Fin time. Especially because they share more than just quips. They also share similarly painful backgrounds and are always there to support each other.

In particular, both of the detectives suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an unfortunate condition caused by their job. And in an earlier installment, Fin was right by Benson’s side when she was struggling with anxiety.

“I think this episode was one of many that further reestablished, the love I had for fin & [liv] friendship! Especially when she was having that panic attack and the fact that fin was the only one who really knew about her group therapy. I love them when they got partnered up because fin had liv’s back no matter what!” wrote u/Free-Connection-8977.

“I really like them in that episode too,” added u/NotAngryAndBitter. The way he interacted with her during her panic attack was really sweet. He knew exactly what to do and didn’t make a fuss about it.”

But what some people like most about the underrated friendship is that they two accept each other as equals. While Benson regularly let Stabler take the lead, she has a more balanced partnership with Fin.

“I think fin and liv work well together because he was alright with being equal in partnership and he trusts liv’s instincts as to where he will protect her but he knows she’s got it,” Free-Connection-8977 commented.