‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Want This Guest Star to Become a Series Regular

by Megan Molseed

Law & Order: SVU fans are very vocal about who they do and do not like in the popular NBC TV drama series. And, this also means that SVU fans are quick to share their thoughts on some of the many fun and famous guest stars appearing in the series over the years. Most recently, however, is one guest star that some fans hope will become a regular in the show’s upcoming seasons.

Law & Order: SVU Fans Are Hoping One Guest Star Gets a Permanent Spot in the Franchise

For decades now, Law & Order: SVU has been known for its intriguing “ripped from the headlines” storylines as well as its impressive collection of guest stars. From Robin Williams to Carol Burnett, or Henry Winkler, SVU has pulled in some major names over the years. Now, one recent guest star is prompting fans to ask for permanent placement in the series after two impressive guest appearances in recent SVU installments.

Earlier this year, Jason Biggs of American Pie fame made his appearance in the season 23 SVU Christmas episode, Silent Night, Hateful Night. In this appearance, Jason Biggs portrays a detective named Andy Parlato-Goldstein from the Hate Crimes division.

Bigg’s Detective Goldstein joins the SVU team as they work to solve a string of hate crimes on Christmas Eve. Now, this appearance could easily be a one-off guest star role. However, Biggs’s Law & Order detective appears again, in Promising Young Gentleman, just a few episodes later.

This latter installment gives us a closer look at the detective Biggs is portraying while he helps investigate a sexual assault allegation. The investigation leads the detectives to look into an elite club at Hudson University of which Biggs’s character was once a member.

Fans Are Calling For More Jason Biggs in Upcoming SVU Episodes

These multiple SVU appearances that Biggs has made during the show’s 23rd season have certainly impressed the fans. Now, SVU watchers are calling for more Detective Goldstein moments as the series continues.

“I really hope they keep you on ‘SVU’ permanently,” notes one fan per a Looper report.

“You were amazing on the show and really add to the cast!” the SVU watcher adds of Biggs’s appearances. “Hopefully you come back for more!” another SVU fan agrees. “I want him to be a regular.”

Could Biggs Be Looking at His Own Place Among the Law & Order Franchise?

Some other Law & Order fans wonder, however, if Biggs’s SVU appearances weren’t a teaser for a new Law & Order addition. “This week’s episode felt like the beginning of a new series,” one fan notes.

“Especially with the intro of Jason Biggs’ character and the re-entry of three previous characters from the show,” the comment adds. “Has there been an announcement I missed?” Another fan notes that these appearances could very well serve as a “backdoor pilot.”

There have been rumors that Law & Order franchise creator, Dick Wolf tossed around the idea of a spin-off series featuring the Hate Crimes team. However, not much about this has been addressed for a number of years. Perhaps Biggs’s role is the beginning of this new idea?