‘Law & Order: SVU’: Here’s Why Kelli Giddish Is Really Leaving the Series After 12 Years

by Joe Rutland

We are getting some clarity around what happened to lead Kelli Giddish off of Law & Order: SVU after 12 years and it might surprise you. Giddish has played Detective Amanda Rollins in the police drama. While fans were dogging new showrunner David Graziano over this matter, apparently it was not in his hands.

Variety is reporting that the decision to get rid of Giddish was “a call made from above.” Additionally, the outlet also reports that one insider offered more insight. This person reportedly added that the company looks to keep the show as current as possible.

Mariska Hargitay Reportedly Tried To Keep Giddish On ‘Law & Order: SVU’

We also learn from Variety that show star Mariska Hargitay, who also is an executive producer, attempted to keep her on the show. Another producer also had a hand in looking to keep Giddish on board. Toss in salary negotiations that did happen but there was no compromise. While we do know that Giddish is going to be off the show, that does not happen right away. Fans have been assured that they will see Rollins as part of the big three-hour major crossover event on Thursday, September 22, on NBC.

Longtime fans know that Rollins entered into a romantic relationship with Carisi, played by Peter Scanavino, last season. What will happen to reflect the ending of this couple? We are told by a show producer that they “will have a happy ending.”

Actress Released Statement After News Started Spreading

As for her own outlook upon this change, Giddish released a statement on Wednesday. “I wanted to address the chatter I’ve seen online and let everyone know that this will, indeed, be my last season on ‘Law & Order: SVU’,” she wrote. “Playing Rollins has been one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life. I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of the ‘Law & Order’ family for the last 12 years. There is simply no other character on TV like Rollins. She’s grown and changed, and I have as well. I started on this show when I was in my late 20s and I’m grateful I got to spend so many of my adult years with Rollins in my life.”

With the news that Giddish is gone, some people might wonder if she and Hargitay were friends in real life. According to something Hargitay said, then we could say that they definitely are friends. “Kelli is one of the strongest people, I’d say, in a lot of ways, like, a lot cooler than I am …” Hargitay said when talking about Giddish. “We play these parts, we have our little selves, all our complex part of our selves. And we draw that self and yeah, she’s awesome.”