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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Gets Mistaken for Ice Cube Online

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

With close to two million followers on Twitter, Law & Order star Ice-T is not only a beloved actor and musician but a popular social media personality as well. Between the adorable photos and videos of his young daughter, his promotional tweets for Law & Order: SVU, and his announcements for books, music videos, and other appearances, he shares “Ice Cold Facts” with his fans.

On a near-daily basis, Ice-T posts one of these “facts,” which typically include something he’s learned in his more than 60 years of life and decades in entertainment. In his most recent of these posts, Ice-T said, “ICE COLD FACT: Haters hate UP. Your haters are ALWAYS below you, looking up at your accomplishments, Mad. Lol F em.”

This message resonated with one user, who took to the replies to express his agreement. Unfortunately, his message didn’t go over quite as well as he probably hoped, as he mistook Ice-T for actor and hip hop legend, Ice Cube. “My man Ice Cube spitting [facts],” the fan wrote.

Even more unfortunate for the user, he was called out by Ice-T. In a repost of the user’s reply, Ice-T responded, “Wrong ICE dude….”

And, like all of Ice-T’s tweets, the response garnered hundreds of responses and thousands of likes. Unsurprisingly, the replies are full of jokes and memes, including plenty of references to the third “Ice,” Vanilla Ice. “Could’ve been worse,” one user wrote. “At least he didn’t call you Vanilla.”

‘Law & Order’ Star Ice-T Accidentally Reveals Season Finale Spoiler

One of the recurring themes of Ice-T’s tweets are Law & Order promotions. Typically, he does a great job getting fans excited for the latest episode or season. In his excitement for the season finale of Law & Order: SVU, however, Ice-T accidentally revealed a massive spoiler.

A fan asked the Law & Order star what happens in the SVU finale, to which Ice-T responded, “I DON’T die… That’s all I really care about. And we’ll be BACK for Season 24!”

Well, the Season 24 news isn’t a surprise. A 24th season of the hit show was ordered way back in February of 2020 and is slated to premiere in September of this year.

That first piece of information, however, is a bit of a spoiler. Is it likely that Ice-T’s character Fin Tutuola would exit SVU? No. Agent Tutuola is one of the show’s longest-running characters, not to mention he’s a fan favorite.

That said, he technically could be. It wouldn’t be the first time fans were shocked by an actor’s unexpected departure from Law & Order. But it looks like fans have nothing to worry about this time.

Rather than outrage, fans expressed relief after reading the spoiler. “If Fin was written off I would have no reason to watch SVU,” one fan wrote. Another said, “I’m glad Fin doesn’t die. He is one of my favorites! Fin is the best!”