‘Law & Order: SVU’s Ice-T Reacts to Chris Meloni’s ‘Wild’ Nude Peloton Commercial

by Joe Rutland

If you have been wondering if Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T would react to Chris Meloni showing up in a Peloton commercial, then wait no more. Ice-T headed out to Twitter and did not disappoint fans. In style only fitting for Ice-T, he frankly comments after seeing Meloni’s commercial. Ice-T plays “Fin” Tutuola alongside Mariska Hargitay. Man, talk about a wild Thursday. Hey, we’re not going to try and analyze this response one bit. Just take a look at it for yourself.

Meloni’s fans were reacting on his own Twitter timeline. What about Ice-T’s faithful followers? Man, they did not disappoint one bit. One writes, “WILD BUT WE LOVE HIM”. Another one states, “The wildest!! I love it!!” This fan says, “Bahaha yes this is fantastic I love it”. There was no shortage of people leaving emojis or comments after this post. You gotta see them to believe them, friends.

Ice-T of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Is Getting Back To Work

Ice-T is going to be back on his NBC drama this coming season. He’s been around since the show’s early seasons and “Fin” is never dull on there. But if you follow Ice-T on social media, then you know that the actor-musician is not dull there, too.

Speaking of his show, he recently posted a big video update ahead of Season 24. Ice-T says on there while being on an airplane, “Okay, finally touching down on the East Coast. Pulling into Jersey. Vacation is officially over. Law & Order starts filming on the 18th. Let’s go! Let’s get back to work. That’s what’s up.” He’s referring to July 18. Let’s see what this next season holds in store for him and Olivia Benson, played by Hargitay.

There’s also been some scuttlebutt about whether Ice-T and Meloni are friends in real life. Let’s give you the short answer: they are indeed. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Ice-T called his old costar a “great person” Additionally, he said, “He’s fun. We’re very similar. You got two alpha males, you know what I’m saying? So me and him understand each other. Mariska loves to see him back.”

As you might know, Meloni did leave Law & Order: SVU where he played Elliot Stabler. But the beloved actor did return to the Dick Wolf fold for Law & Order: Organized Crime. Yes, Meloni also is coming back to his new show as well. What will he be up to there? We will have to wait and see. But you will not have to wait and see for the reaction to Meloni’s nude commercial. There’s plenty out there and you can see all the comments that your heart desires.