‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T ‘Spoils’ Season 23 Finale, Drops Major Season 24 News

by Joe Rutland

Ice-T has been playing Fin on Law & Order: SVU for a long time and he really would not give away the full finale story would he? Well, one of our favorite actors and musicians happens to toss up a spoiler on Twitter. Fans ask the darndest things and sometimes get a response. This happens when Ice-T speaks up and when he does, then people might want to listen.

Ice-T of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Lets Fans In On Some Inside Scoop Around the Season Finale

Thank goodness that Fin will be around for another season. He might be causing a ruckus and catching bad guys when Season 24 of Law & Order: SVU rolls around on NBC. Fin and Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay, are busy all the time in the police drama. Fans had a lot of one-word replies, “Good!”, upon reading what he shared.

The Dick Wolf-created show finds itself between the OG Law & Order starring Sam Waterston and Organized Crime starring Chris Meloni. Look for more activity on these shows as well as SVU next season. On social media, Ice-T is not one to shy away from making his thoughts known. When it comes to haters, he’s all down with them being negative. He shared a quote from himself on Instagram a while back, saying: “If you don’t like me…. For whatever reason… I’m perfectly cool with that.”

He does know a thing or two about being a dad. Ice-T also has developed some street knowledge, and probably some life lessons too, around staying out of trouble. What does that look like to him? “Smart people learn from others’ experiences,” he says. “So when someone’s giving you some game like you’re giving him, you gotta take it. If you tell me ‘Ice don’t go on that side of town, they’re shooting,’ I’m going to be like ‘I ain’t going to go over there. My man told me they’re shooting.'”

Chris Meloni Is Back In the Franchise and Ice-T’s Fin Is ‘Cool With It’

During the show’s earlier seasons, Meloni was on there as you may know. He played Elliot Stabler, the same role he does on Organized Crime, opposite Hargitay and Ice-T. The actor-musician and Meloni worked well together and, at one point, Meloni left the show to do other things. How does Fin like having Stabler back in the world of the show?

“Fin’s cool with it,” Ice-T said in an interview with HollywoodLife. “People say, oh, you and Stabler went at each other. I’m like, that was 15 years ago. Of course, in the writing, they’ll say, okay, you guys push up against each other. But I think they did that just to let people know that Fin wasn’t going to back down.”