‘Law & Order: SVU’ Is Sending Off Major Character with New Job and a Wedding

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Kelli Giddish has only one more episode to play Amanda Rollins on Law & Order: SVU. And it appears that the writers are going to let the character exit with a ring on her finger and a sweet smile on her face.

So pop the cork and pour the champagne. It’s a Rollins party.

We already knew that Rollins wasn’t long for the SVU world. Giddish announced back in August, as the series prepped for its premiere, that this season would be her last. Word then leaked that Giddish, who has played Rollins for a dozen years, was pushed off the show.

NBC let it be known that Dec. 8 would be Giddish’s final episode. That’s the fall finale. But the question remained — how would Law & Order: SVU write her off? You could go with the dire — Rollins might die in the line of duty. Or maybe Rollins could depart with a happy ending, which would allow the character to come visit SVU from time to time.

Looks like Law & Order: SVU opted for happiness mixed in with some tears. The show basically telegraphed the plot line in a promo for the fall finale. It’s like Amanda Rollins, this is your life. Check it out for yourself.

Looks Like Fall Finale of Law & Order: SVU Ends with Wedding

SVU takes us back to when Rollins, a detective from Georgia, joined the team. We see her shaking hands with future BFF Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). Then we hear Rollins in present time say “I’m leaving SVU.”

Flash to a court room. We see Sonny Carisi (Peter Scanavino) standing there as he thanks everyone for coming. Benson gasps as she sees Rollins walk in the room wearing an old-fashioned wedding dress.

And there’s a happy Fin (Ice-T) asking Benson: “You’re going to start crying already, Liv?”

There’s champagne and a kiss, so there must be a wedding for Rollins and Carisi in the fall finale of Law & Order: SVU. (Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Surely, Law & Order: SVU isn’t pulling a head fake on the fans. Rollins and Carisi must get married. She deserves the love of a good man, who will adore her and be a terrific step dad to her two daughters. And Rollins also has a new job lined up. In Thursday’s episode, we learn that Fordham wants to hire Rollins as a professor. She’d been so impressive as a guest lecturer, talking about sex crimes. She even got to show off that knowledge on the stand as she testified against a man who assaulted a transgendered woman.

Law & Order: SVU fans already know Rollins’ replacement. Molly Burnett joined the cast to portray SVU newbie Grace Muncy. She transferred from the gangs unit after impressing Benson on a mutual case. Muncy and Fin have worked cases together. And Fin gave her a thumbs up after she easily corralled an alleged rapist.

But we’re betting the next episode we see will be all about Rollins and a satisfying farewell.