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‘Law & Order: SVU’s Kelli Giddish Reveals the Reason She Left the Show

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Just one day after her final episode of Law & Order: SVU aired, Kelli Giddish is sharing what led to her departure from the show. “My side of things is just that it’s time in the Rollins storyline,” Giddish told Variety. “I felt like where it was heading, and where it headed last night, just seemed the right place to leave it right now.”

Giddish also noted how her character’s storyline is similar to her own life path. “I am so excited about things going on in my personal life and kind of the mirroring of what’s going on in my personal life and in Rollins’, there’s a lot of joy to be experienced.” Giddish’s statements appear to deny rumors that she was fired from SVU, where she played Det. Amanda Rollins for 12 seasons.

The actor says that she knew of her upcoming departure, and worked with the writers for a proper send-off. “We worked on this storyline together, and I think the last episode culminated the beautiful Rollins and Benson relationship,” she explained. “We got to see Carisi and Rollins get married, which was such a treat.” In addition to the wedding bells, the episode included Rollins’ decision to leave Capt. Benson’s squad and take a teaching position at Fordham University.

Kelli Giddish called her final scene with Mariska Hargitay ‘very emotional’

Long-time fans have always noted the chemistry between Mariska Hargitay and Giddish. She opened up about filming her final scenes with the longtime SVU lead. “It was very emotional. We had a ton of fun because acting with my girl is just fun,” Giddish quipped. “There’s so much trust there, and you can play because we know each other so well. Nothing is set in stone, and if you want to try something, the writers are right there because they trust Mariska and I to kind of fine-tune the words of the script. It’s so much fun, there’s so much laughter and there were so many tears. It was a really beautiful experience.”

Given that Rollins’ new husband, Assistant District Attorney Dominic “Sonny” Carisi is still a major character on the show, there is always potential for her to return. “Dick Wolf has got such a fertile universe that’s going on, that people can pop up in different places. That’s really a cool thing that he’s created.” She’s not wrong; after all, Chris Meloni was gone from the franchise for 12 years before returning for Law & Order: Organized Crime.

In fact, Kelli Giddish is already slated to make another appearance in the Law & Order franchise. She’s set to be in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime. However, she remains tight-lipped about the episode. “I don’t know what I can tell you about that!”, she told Variety.