‘Law & Order: SVU’: One Character Stands Out as the Worst Villain of Season 20

by Caitlin Berard

For more than 20 years, Law & Order: SVU has captivated audiences with its never-ending series of despicable villains and the heroic detectives and lawyers who bring them to justice. Often ripping their stories straight from the headlines, SVU has featured some truly terrifying criminals over the decades, many of whom mirror the actions of the worst humanity has to offer in the real world.

From kidnappers to serial killers to child predators, the Special Victims Unit has dealt with hundreds of horrific crimes. With more than 500 episodes to date, it might seem impossible for a single criminal to stand out among the rest. And yet, Law & Order fans can name the worst villain of Season 20 without hesitation.

In Episode 7 of the season, entitled “Caretaker,” fans were taken on a wild ride through the twisted world of Anna Mill, wife and mother of two. As with most SVU episodes, “Caretaker” opens with a murder. Sadly, Julian Mill and his two children, Rachel and Charlie, are found dead in the family home.

Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and her squad initially suspect the nanny, Delores, of the crime. As the events unfold, however, they’re led to the conclusion that the criminal could be no one but Anna Mill herself, the wife and mother of the deceased.

The episode takes another turn away from the norm when Anna explains her reasoning for the murders. In her mind, it was better for her family to die than continue to face the trials of life. Rather than murdering out of malice, Anna Mill vehemently believed that she was doing what was best for her family.

New ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Showrunner Expresses Gratitude Toward Cast and Crew

Fans adore Olivia Benson and her fellow SVU characters, and it seems that the actors behind them are just as lovable. Following her Law & Order debut, Sasha Alexander, the actress behind the despicable Anna Mill, wrote a rave review of the series on Instagram.

“It was difficult, emotional material,” she said. “But the warm cast & crew helped bring lightness among us. I can tell you that it is no wonder this show is in its 20th season. They truly care about every moment. Thanks for having me.”

The series’ brand new showrunner, David Graziano, had a similar reaction to the SVU team. Upon taking over for Warren Leight, Graziano was immediately impressed by his cast and crew. The producer posted an image of what appears to be a meeting on set and added a touching caption celebrating his colleagues.

“Court is now in session,” he wrote. “Jean Paul Sartre once said: ‘Hell is other people’. But if you ask me, the b—-rd was dead wrong.”

“EXHIBIT A,” Graziano continued. “Yesterday was the first official day of the writer’s room for SVU Season 24. And this group of talented industry professionals turned this court set into a special kind of heaven.”