‘Law & Order: SVU’: Season 22’s Worst Villain Is a Face Fans May Recognize

by Alex Falls

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has spent decades captivating audiences with its unique take on procedural crime drama. 23 seasons and more than 500 episodes make it one of the biggest classic TV universes still airing. Law & Order: SVU towers above the countless contemporaries that have come and gone during its run. It’s unrivaled in its ability to keep viewers hooked through its many twists and turns.

Every new episode gives viewers enticing new crimes to investigate. The revolving door of criminals unveils the darkest parts of society and fans can never have enough. Some of the criminals in SVU are so downright demented and awful that one episode cannot contain their depravity.

The villains often come and go during the course of events in SVU. We don’t usually see a lot of returning villains, but season 22 featured the return of perhaps one of the most twisted of them all seeking redemption.

Which Law & Order: SVU Villian Terrified Fans Most?

In the episode, “Post-Graduate Psychopath”, fans are reintroduced to Henry Mesner, played by Ethan Cutkosky. He first appeared in the season 14 episode “Born Psychopath” as a 10-year-old who attacked his mother. He also attempted to kill his own sister and held another child hostage at gunpoint. The episode ends with Henry receiving a sentence in a juvenile detention center until he turns 18.

Henry eventually returns in the aforementioned season 22 episode. But now, Henry is fully grown and has convinced everyone he’s ready to be a regular member of society. However, his true motivations reveal themselves when he targets his family and everyone involved with sending his away.

In his anger, Henry murders his father and stepmother and abducts his sister. He even admits to stalking agent Rollins and her daughter.

Cutkosky, now known for his role as Carl Gallagher on Shameless, reflected on his chance to revisit the character in an interview with TV Guide. “These are roles that I want to take into my career and move forward. And so, it was a very exciting yet daunting role to take on, especially at this age,” Cutkosky said. “When I was 13, I had only a sliver of amount of understanding comparatively to 21 now, so I was very excited to be able to take this at this age and put my all into it.”

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