‘Law & Order: SVU’ Sets Up Rollins’ Goodbye in Second Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Before we get to the full Law & Order: SVU recap for “The One You Feed,” let’s get to the Rollins-Carisi update. So was this the last show fans will see their favorite couple?

The answer — no, but it’s getting close. SVU showed Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) at the beginning of the episode. It’s been about six weeks since she got shot in the gut. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) finally had a chance to ask her friend what happened that led to the shooting. And dun, dun, Benson also mentioned that Amanda is skipping the therapy sessions. After all, this is the second time Rollins suffered this kind of injury. But she nearly died in the premiere. The last time she got dinged was in the shoulder. That’s so not the same.

From Amanda’s viewpoint, here’s what she said happened in that Law & Order: SVU premiere. To refresh your memory, Amanda was protecting a teenager who witnessed a Russian give orders about a bombing and order the death of another girl. The powerful Russian sent some armed criminals to keep the witness from saying another word.

“She ran like a rabbit,” Rollins said of the girl. “I got up to cover, that’s when I felt the hit. I couldn’t breathe, and I didn’t know where she was. Made me think about my girls. Losing them.”

Benson adds “and them losing you.” Then Rollins continues, and at this point, your eyes might be leaking. “I was thinking about Carisi, how I’d never see him again.

“I’ve been so careless with my life … I let my guard down, let myself be happy, for once, and this is what happens.”

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But as Benson points out, “the difference is you’ve never had anything to lose before.” During the episode, which was Rollins first day back at work, Carisi (Peter Scanavino) hovered. He thought his girlfriend looked tired. He was going to take her home. Amanda always is so strong. It’s time for someone to take care of her.

We’re not sure how many more episodes Giddish has left to play Rollins on Law & Order: SVU. The show announced in August that Giddish was leaving the show, adding that Rollins would get the appropriate sendoff. You can see the direction this is moving.

So let’s recap the episode. And basically, it was about daughters. A family from Ohio was in NYC, with mom and dad taking the oldest on a college visit, while the youngest tagged along. Meanwhile, young members of the BX9 gang ended up with the family on the subway. And the four young men weren’t very nice. One took out a machete and threatened the dad after snatching his phone. (It’s now all about the banking apps) The others grabbed the youngest daughter, who was raped. The dad died during surgery from his knife wounds.

Back at the station, Benson found out that the Bronx gang unit was teaming up with SVU to solve the case. And Olivia wasn’t pleased with Mike Duarte, who led the unit. Duarte was cocky. And Benson found out that while he worked undercover, he sometimes forgot he wasn’t a criminal. As they chased one of the rape suspects, Benson wondered if Duarte pushed the guy off a roof and to his death.

Benson and Duarte then confronted each other back at the precinct. And Duarte brought up a long-time character from Law & Order: SVU. That would be Elliot Stabler, Benson’s old partner. He thinks Benson was “projecting” Stabler’s traits onto him.

The case kind of solved itself. Two of the suspects were killed. One fell off a roof, the other got shot as the cops broke into the gang’s safe house. The youngest two of the “Subway Rapists” were the only suspects remaining. They ended up turning on each other.

But wait, there are more details that will impact the rest of the Law & Order: SVU season. Duarte tried to lure Velasco to his gang unit. But Velasco turned him down. However, Benson did hire the top woman from the Bronx unit. Meet Grace Muncy (Molly Burnett) who wants to work with more women. Benson says she’s a great listener, which is the best trait for a cop in the SVU.

Duarte tells Benson that Muncy is a younger version of herself. Benson assigns Velasco to train Muncy. And they’re probably the new partners on Law & Order: SVU.