‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Got the Perfect Father’s Day Text From His Kid: PHOTO

by Suzanne Halliburton

When your kids get grown, they give you different kinds of Father’s Day presents. Just ask Christopher Meloni, aka Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: Organized Crime fame.

Meloni loves to entertain his social media minions. But we think he’s serious about this post. He passed along a “Father’s Day text from my kid.” And it definitely was gift-worthy.

Meloni and his wife, Sherman, have two children, Sophia and Dante. We’re not sure which one sent the text. But only Sophia is legal to drink. That’s important context for the text, which said:

“I forgot to tell you that I was at a drag bar on Friday and the bartender looked at my ID and asked me if I was related to you. And I told him you were my dad so he put my drinks on the house.”

Meloni Loves to Joke with His Law & Order: Organized Crime Fans

Now that tweet got the Law & Order: Organized Crime fans all abuzz. Typically, Meloni has fun with his Twitter gang of about 509,000. And they have fun right back with the actor who played Elliot Stabler on two shows and for 13 years.

One fan wrote: “*changes last name to Meloni* Want another daughter?” Another replied to the Law & Order: Organized Crime star: “This is the content I come to this app for. Best dad ever. Happy Fathers Day dude!”

With his show on summer hiatus, Meloni has had time to tweet his thoughts on politics. So with some humor, another fan wrote: “Chris Meloni about to find out that he has more kids than Herschel Walker after word about this gets around (I’ll gladly be a Meloni if this works in other bars).”

It’s been a month since Law & Order: Organized Crime ended its second season with an intense finale. And we’re not being hyperbolic. Meloni’s Stabler was trying to bust up The Marcy Killers and The Brotherhood. And the leaders of both ended up dead in the season finale. We’re not sure who killed Preston Webb, although we’re looking at you, Nova. That crime probably will be solved in season three, although Nova, who was working undercover, took off for parts unknown with her brother. Meanwhile, Frank Donnelly stepped in front of a train rather than have Stabler arrest him. Rogue cops who scammed the criminals might not be treated well in jail.

In two other Father’s Day tweets, NBC honored Meloni this weekend. On Saturday, the network’s social media team tweeted: “You heard Daddy’s Day. We heard Zaddy’s Day.”

NBC Threw Some Attention to Meloni and Other Network Zaddies

That’s Meloni in one of the photos. The 61-year-old embraced the term “Zaddy” in 2021 after his glutes went viral. It’s a term for an older man with style and swagger. The others in the photo are Chicago Fire’s David Eigenberg, who also made a name for himself on Sex in the City. The other two are beloved stars of This Is Us — Milo Ventimiglia and Justin Hartley. (We’d also place Sterling K Brown in there, too).

Then NBC honored the fathers of the network. We all know that a subplot on Law & Order: Organized Crime relates to Stabler and his kids. Eli had some issues this season.

Happy Father’s Day to all those Law & Order: Organized Crime fans.