‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Celebrates National Iced Tea Day in the Most Fitting Way Possible

by Caitlin Berard

In addition to being a successful hip-hop artist and a beloved Law & Order: SVU veteran, Ice-T also has a thriving social media presence. Along with his popular “Ice Cold Fact” tweets, in which Ice-T shares life and career advice with his fans, Ice-T’s Twitter account is full of hilarious observations and the artist’s many antics.

In his latest adventure, Ice-T traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to spend a day behind the counter at a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. What possible reason could he have for doing such a thing? To celebrate National Iced Tea Day, of course!

Ice-T delighted his fans with images of himself learning how to work the cash register, take orders, make Iced Tea, and do his best to convince customers to try Raising Cane’s signature beverage. “Who knows Iced Tea better than Ice-T?” the Raising Cane’s account shared. “Our newest Crewmember is hard at work preparing for [National Iced Tea Day]!”

Ice-T’s son, Ice Tracy Marrow Jr., made an appearance as well. The younger Ice ordered a large iced tea and nothing more, then took a picture with a cardboard cutout of his father. “Check out [Raising Cane’s] Ice Tea is Ice-T approved,” Ice-T wrote on Twitter. “Like father like son, Iced Tea runs in the family.”

It appears that the Law & Order legend had a fantastic day serving iced tea and chicken fingers to the people of Phoenix.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Celebrates International Bat Appreciation Day on Twitter

Though National Iced Tea Day is a particularly fitting day for Ice-T to celebrate, it’s not the only day the Law & Order star took to social media to commemorate. Back in April, Ice-T posted a series of tweets for what he hilariously dubbed, “BIG A– BAT DAY,” otherwise known as International Bat Appreciation Day.

In the tweets, Ice-T shared images of bats that are either incredibly large or simply made to look large through the magic of film. Among them was a flying fox, with wingspans of almost 5 1/2 feet and a hammer-headed bat. Though the hammer-headed bat resembles a kangaroo, it’s a real-life species of fruit bat! Native to Africa, the megabat has a wingspan of up to 3 feet and is the largest on the continent.