‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Opening New Business Ahead of Show’s Season 24

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ice-T’s next new side hustle involves the lucrative marijuana business. The Law & Order: SVU star, with help from a long-time friend, is opening a giant cannabis dispensary

Ice-T is partnering with Charis B, who owns The Medicine Woman dispensary in California. The state of New Jersey approved their application to open the 5,000-square-foot recreational dispensary in Jersey City. Pop Culture reports that Jersey City is really select as to who it chooses for a dispensary.

The project is currently awaiting final approval from the state.

“I’ve dedicated my life and career to giving back and paving the way for minorities,” Ice-T said. “As a New Jersey native, I’m excited for the opportunity legalization offers our community, and I look forward to ushering in a new era for cannabis in the state.”

“I’ve partnered with my friend of over 25 years, Charis B, who is an authority in cannabis and founder of The Medicine Woman to ensure a premium experience for our customers and community.”

The plan is for the dispensary to open later this year. The store will be 5,000 square feet. And aside from cannabis, the store also will sell limited edition merchandise. medicinal remedies and educational and inspirational items.

Law & Order: SVU creator Dick Wolf stands with the two longest-tenured characters on the series. Mariska Hargitay is Olivia Benson and Ice-T is Fin. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tribeca TV)

Law & Order: SVU Star Has Known New Business Partner for 25 Years

The Law & Order: SVU star and Charis have known each other for a quarter of a century. Charis founded The Medicine Woman in California in 2015. It then mostly was about delivering plant-based medicinal remedies, The Medicine Woman originally featured 300 products. It’s now expanded to more than 1,000.

Those who analyze the national cannabis market predict that by 2025, the industry will be worth more than $30 billion.

Ice-T, wife Coco and daughter Chanel live in Edgewater, NJ. Law & Order: SVU films in and around New York City, so most of the show’s actors live in the area. Production for season 24 started last month.

And plus, the Law & Order: SVU star also is promoting his new book with a national tour. It’s called “Split Decisions: Life Stories by Ice-T and Spike.” Ice-T, who grew up in California, was a criminal into his early 20s. However, he turned his life around. Spike, his friend, broke laws with him. But he did another job and ended up spending 26 years in prison. The two want people to know their book is a cautionary tale.

“We grew up in South Central Los Angeles, and both of us were what you called street hustlers,” said the Law & Order: SVU star.. And our hustle, we were robbers. We would rob jewelry stores. We did hundreds and hundreds of them. I was good, I never got caught. … “I’m telling you, I never got caught. Every day, we’d get up in the morning and commit felonies all day long. It was an occupation.”

Ice-T has played Odafin Tutuola, or “Fin” with Law & Order: SVU since 2000.