‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Speaks Out About Appearance With Dave Chappelle

by Suzanne Halliburton
Rosalind OConnor/NBC via Getty Images

Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T joined Dave Chappelle in a controversial Saturday Night Live appearance. And the actor/rapper who plays Fin says he doesn’t care what people think.

After all, Ice-T doesn’t pay attention to the so-called cancel mob. He’s the pioneer of original gangsta rap, so let’s just say he’s survived a lot of pushback. He knew this sort of criticism before there ever was a cancel culture term.

“Somebody said they’re gonna CANCEL me after doing SNL with Dave Chappelle,” the Law & Order: SVU star wrote on Twitter.. “LOL! These MFs have been trying to Cancel me for over 30 years.”

It’s true that Chappelle is a controversial comedian/satirist. He walks up to the line and usually steps across it, whether it’s talking about topics like race or politics. In his opening monologue on SNL, Chappelle talked Kanye West, Kyrie Irving and Donald Trump. That’s like a triple dose of in-your-face controversy.

But Chappelle didn’t bring up the topic that caused him so many issues a year ago. There was no mention of people who are transgender.

Now, here’s how Ice-T fit into SNL. Chappelle told the audience he was a big fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones. So that meant he also watching the prequel, House of the Dragon. The SNL cast spoofed the prequel. Chappelle was part of that. And the skit also included characters from Chappelle’s comedy series who wore blonde wigs and went by Game of Throne type names.

Ice-T portrayed “light-skinned Larry Targaryen.” Check out the hilarious skit.

Ice-T Appeared on SNL in 2019 for Law & Order: SVU Spoof

Did you know this isn’t the first time Ice-T has appeared on SNL. Nor is it the first time the actor portrayed a Game of Thrones character. Back in 2019, SNL did a sketch called Game of Thrones: Special Victims Unit. When you get mocked on SNL, you know your series is a pop culture phenom.

The skit starred Ice-T and Mariska Hargitay, with both wearing GoT attire. The show took place in Flea Bottom, east side of Rhaenys’ Hill.

“You tell me some sick son of a b**** cut this dude’s thing off and fed it to his dog?” Ice-T said. Hargitay nods her head yes.

“Then gouged the man’s eyes out …” Ice-T asks. And yes, that’s true, Hargitay replies. “Then fed him his own eyes??” he asks incredulously. “Bingo,” says the GoT Benson.

“Then wore his dead skin to an orgy?” Ice-T continues. Well, you get the idea as Law & Order: SVU merged with Game of Thrones as told by SNL.

Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live with Black Star as the musical entertainment. Ice-T, the Law & Order: SVU star, dropped by for a cameo. (Rosalind OConnor/NBC via Getty Images)

Most Fans Gave Ice-T Positive Feedback for Funny Skit

Fans who watched Ice-T Saturday night didn’t appear to have much of a problem with the actor/rapper spoofing on a prequel. One fan did, writing “Dave Chapelle is a transphobe, a misogynist and a homophobe. You might just get judged by the company you keep.”

It probably should be noted that when Ice-T first started on Law & Order: SVU two decades ago, he made an appearance on Chappelle’s show on Comedy Central. He played himself, albeit a fictionalized version, presenting an award for “Player Hater of the Year” at the “Player-Haters’ Ball.”

Yet another fan replied to Ice-T “People don’t realize you were blasted by Oprah and Tipper Gore, by the State of Arizona and Columbus, GA. And you’re still here.”

Speaking of being still here, Ice-T and the rest of the Law & Order: SVU cast returns with a new episode this Thursday.