‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Reunites With Rollins and Carisi on Set

by Suzanne Halliburton

Law & Order: SVU fans, let it be known that Mariska Hargitay is a big fan of Rollisi. (Aren’t we all?)

Hargitay, who portrays Captain Olivia Benson, dropped a behind-the-scenes snap, Thursday. She’s in the closeup with Kelli Giddish (Amanda Rollins) and Peter Scanavino (Dominick Carisi). Hargitay captioned the photo “These two.” And as she loves to do, the Law & Order: SVU icon tossed in a bunch of hashtags to complete the cutline.  #ThreeMuskateers  #TripleThreat  #InstagramVsReality  #GoodCompany  #Rollivisi  #WorkLife  #BTS  #SVU  #SetShenanigans  #SVU24.

As you can see, Hargitay used another nickname for SVU’s favorite couple, calling the pair “Rollivisi.”

So if you’re a Law & Order: SVU fan, it’s good to talk about another coupling besides Benson and Stabler (Christopher Meloni). Even the detectives and prosecutors with the Special Victims Unit can’t do cop and lawyer things all the time. So writers gave Carisi, the former cop turned prosecutor, and Rollins, the detective, a nice little romance.

And their relationship got even more air time as the show finished season 23. If you need some background (or a reminder), here’s a scene from a Law & Order: SVU episode earlier this year. Carisi and Rollins had kept their romance a secret, even from Rollins’ two young daughters.

In the penultimate episode of Law & Order: SVU, Carisi was talking to a childhood friend who also happened to be a priest. And he confessed to his friend that he was nearing asking Rollins to marry him. Rollins has had some tough luck with men, so she’s due for someone who loves and appreciates her. Carisi didn’t pop the question in the finale, so maybe he does so when season 24 starts.

Hargitay’s fans loved the photo. The Wolf Entertainment social media account called the three “the dream team.” Another fan recognized the new nickname. “THE HASHTAG ROLLIVISI OMG.” Or, how about this “Rollivisi. My week just got better!!”

There was this: “Too much hot in one picture.” And then this: “The three amigos!!!! Love you guys so much.”

Meanwhile, maybe Hargitay’s Benson has love on the mind, too. In the finale, she and Barba (Raul Esparza) seemed to patch up their long-time friendship. It was tested when Barba represented evil genius Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott). But Barba declined to continue to work full-time with Wheatley. Barba got an opening into Olivia’s heart when he represented a domestic abuse victim who killed her husband.

At the end of the finale, Barba told Liv: “I do know what it means to love someone unconditionally. And when you’re ready to stop feeling betrayed by me, I’ll be here.”

Was this Barba wanting something more? Benson said she missed him. And that’s how it all ended.

The Law & Order: SVU premiere is Sept. 22. There will be crimes. Will there be more romance?