‘Law & Order: SVU’: Here Are the Top Crossover Moments From the Show’s Run

by Taylor Cunningham

There is a possible three-series Law & Order crossover event in the works, which would mark a historic first for the franchise. And imagining Benson, Stabler, and McCoy on the screen together has us extra excited for the fall premieres.

The major event also has us thinking about the best crossover events that the series have shared over the years, most notably with Law & Order: SVU, the show that has been the most prominent courtroom drama over the past 20 years.

However, since debuting, the SVU characters haven’t just met up with those from its sister shows. Sergeant Olivia Benson has also walked into the One Chicago universe because they’re all a product of Dick Wolf’s screenwriting genius.

In fact, one of the most memorable mashups involved the SVU team and the officers of the Chicago P.D. During season 16 of the former and season 2 of the latter, a serial rapist inspired by Ted Bundy kidnaps and tortures the CPD Intelligence Unit’s Nadia Decotis. And he takes her Benson territory in NYC.

Hank Voight follows the killer to the city. And while there, Benson and Fin help him track his friend and colleague. But unfortunately, when they find her, it’s too late.

The Most Memorable ‘Law & Order’ Crossovers Bring Benson and Stabler Back Together

But the most cherished crossovers highlight the long-lasting will-they-won’t-they relationship between Benson and Stabler. And two specific episodes honed in on their love and chemistry.

The first of the events happened the year that Stabler left Benson’s side to helm the Organized Crime team. The 4th episode of the series reunited the detectives under horrifying circumstances—someone had murdered Stabler’s wife.

Because of all the traumatic situations he had witnessed topped with the murder, he started to rely on alcohol to cope. And his kids called Benson to help lead an intervention. Of course, she was quick to show up for him.

During that installment, Stabler gave Benson a letter that brought tears to her eyes. However, the show never shared the contents. It wasn’t until the following season that the story finally circled back to the letter by bringing the detectives back for another crossover where they finally confront it.

However, the story gave very little resolution. Instead of finalizing some sort of relationship, it just further proved that what they have is too difficult and complex to handle.

But perhaps we’ll get some more drama between the stoic love-lorn detectives in the upcoming triple series crossover. According to TVLine, if all goes as planned, the event will air on September 22nd during the all Law & Order Thursday night lineup.