‘Law & Order: SVU’ Villain Speaks Out About Potential Return Next Season

by Chris Piner

Before Colton Ryan graced the screen in the recent adaptation of the musical Dear Evan Hansen, the actor received his first break into the business thanks to Law and Order: SVU. Having spanned over 23 seasons since debuting in 1999, Law and Order: SVU became a launch pad for actors. But for Ryan, his role as Andrew Drake was more than a great opportunity as fans recalled his villainous portrayal in the 19th season of Special Victims Unit. Although currently on its 23rd season, Ryan recently discussed the possibility of his return to Law and Order. 

Known for tackling sensitive subjects, Ryan’s character, Andrew, first appeared after being accused of sexually assaulting a fellow classmate. The victim, Mandy Fowler, played by Brighton Sharbino, recalled how Andrew raped her. Justice eventually prevailed as Andrew was arrested in front of his class, being found guilty of the crimes against him. But while his character currently sits behind bars, Ryan discussed the possibility of returning to the hit show. 

From Broadway To Hollywood, Ryan Thanks Law And Order: SVU

With Andrew still alive in SVU, Ryan said, “I live in the city, I’m waiting for their call, I guess! It’s not up to me, above my pay grade. I mean I lived to tell the tale at the end of the episode, so sure, why not?” Not only wanting to reprise his role, but the actor noted the success of Law and Order and how it has led to numerous actors having success. “As a New Yorker it’s sort of like this rite of passage thing. It’s the best set in the world because they’ve done it so many times.” 

Once being the understudy to the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen, Ryan broke away from theater, landing a main role in the Hulu series The Girl From Plainville. Still, recounting the importance of Law and Order, Ryan admitted, “They’ve taken theatre people and gone, ‘Come on, kid, we’ll show you how to be in front of the camera.’” He was sure to add, “And they’re so good at it, they’re so gentle that I’m always really fond of that experience and how thankful I was because I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Colton Ryan Captures Conrad Roy In New Hulu Series

While Colton Ryan’s future with the Law and Order franchise is still only speculation, the star has entertained Hulu subscribers. In The Girl From Plainville, Ryan portrays the real-life Conrad Roy. Back in 2014, Roy made headlines as his then-girlfriend Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning) encouraged him to commit suicide. 

Ryan revealed what attracted him to the role, saying “I think it was because the version that I knew, at first, I didn’t really care for. The way it was presented was sensational, it was very hollow. And whenever this kind of showed up in my inbox, it just felt… the logline alone felt so emotional, and consequential.”