‘Law & Order: SVU’: Was This the Funniest Moment of Season 9?

by Megan Molseed

Law & Order: SVU has some of the most intense storylines on network TV, much like its counterparts within the Law & Order franchise. However, every once in a while, the characters of the popular NBC detective series step away from the dramatic and give the fans some levity. And, one season 9 moment gave fans some of this much-needed levity in a hilarious way. This happens when Odafin Tutuola player, Ice-T’s own wife, Coco made a guest appearance.

It’s A Family Affair In One Ninth Season Law & Order: SVU Episode

The subject manner behind NBC’s Law & Order: SVU does not often open things up for humorous moments. Sure, sometimes the detectives drop a wry comment here and there. And, sometimes, the way the partners react to these wry comments adds to the joke. But, rarely do we see humourous situations throughout an entire episode.

This changed, however, in 2007 when Law & Order: SVU star, Ice-T’s real-life wife, Coco Austin stepped into a guest-starring role. This episode finds Ice-T’s detective Odafin Tutuola (Fin) questioning Coco’s character who is named Traci Bell. Bell we learn early on is the girlfriend of an MMA Fighter and current murder suspect.

Traci’s MMA Fighter boyfriend, Mike Kona (Forrest Griffin) has also been accused of sexually assaulting women. However, Coco Austin’s Traci Bell doesn’t seem to be worried about any of this. In fact, she’s certain all of these accusations are a ploy to get Kona’s fortune.

At one point, Coco’s Traci Bell goes toe-to-toe with Fin asking the detective “are you calling me a gold digger?”

Bell tells the detective that she has the MMA Fighter wrapped around her finger. Which just happens to also be sporting an impressive diamond ring.

This Comedic SVU Moment Is Chock-Full Of Hilarious Innuendos About The Real-Life Marriage Between Ice-T And Coco Austin

When this Law & Order: SVU episode hit the airwaves in 2007, Ice-T and Coco had been married for five years. Now, at this point, the couple was a few years away from their reality TV series Ice Loves Coco so some fans may not have been aware of these hilarious references to real life. However, for those who did know the two were a couple off-screen, it was a hilarious case of art imitating real life.

The entire scene is full of innuendos referencing Ice-T and Coco’s marriage. From the fact that Traci Bell and her MMA Fighter husband were living in the limelight – which Ice-T and Coco do as well. The real-life couple has maintained a strong presence on a variety of social media platforms. And, we can’t forget to mention that ring, either! In fact, in many of Ice-T and Coco’s social media posts, we see Coco’s stunning diamond ring. One that even puts Traci Bells’ impressive rock to shame!