‘Law & Order: SVU’: What Has Dann Florek Starred in Since Leaving the Series?

by Megan Molseed

The Law & Order franchise has been a mainstay on primetime TV for three decades now. So, of course, it stands to reason that some players in the popular franchise have stepped away from the Law & Order world from time to time. And, one of these characters is

What Dann Florek Has Been Up To Since Leaving Law & Order: SVU’s Captain Donald Cragen who is portrayed by Dann Florek. Fans of SVU know that it is Florek’s exit from the show that brought SVU mainstay Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson’s most recent promotion to captain of the squad. But, we wonder, what has Florek been up to since leaving the popular NBC crime-drama series?

Dann Florek Lays Down His Law & Order: SVU Badge, Saying Goodbye To The Series After Appearing In As Many As 300 Episodes

In 2013, Dann Florek left the SVU headquarters after starring on the show for multiple seasons. The actor appears in more than 300 episodes of the hit series. The reason for the 62-year-old’s exit from the series came to be in the showrunners’ efforts to be as realistic as possible. Florek’s Cragen character was nearing the NYPD’s mandatory retirement age. To keep the SVU captain on the series past this time would simply not be realistic.

After stepping away from the popular show, Dann Florek also decided to take a step away from show business for a beat. However, he did show up in a few projects such as the CBS sci-fi series, Under The Dome, and the film Disillusioned. Then, when a new Law & Order show, Law & Order: Organized Crime was added to the hit franchise Florek revived his popular character, guesting in a recent episode of the new series.

When another former Law & Order: SVU star, Chris Meloni made a return to the franchise, so did Dann Florek who guest-starred in Meloni’s new series, Law & Order: Organized Crime. A move that brought back a lot of memories, Florek has said.

“It brings back a lot of memories,” Dan Florek tells E! News.

“I clearly still have roots with SVU,” the actor says. And, Florek adds, he’s excited that the original series has made a return to television this year.

“Now that the original is back? That’s where I started,” the Law & Order star remarks. “It’s just, having been there recently, it felt good.”

The Former SVU Star Assures Fans That Captain Cragen Is Doing Just Fine

Dann Florek also notes that his Law & Order character is doing just fine in retirement. Cragen, Florek says, is living a “comfortable” life.

“Cragen is alone in a little house in Queens, New York,” Florek says of his popular character.

“He always was kind of the lonely guy,” the actor adds. “And I just feel like that’s where he’s back to. He seemed comfortable just living his life in a little house.”