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‘Law & Order: SVU’: Why Viewers Can’t Watch Stabler Meeting Noah Scene on Streaming

by Suzanne Halliburton
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The final scene of Thursday’s Law & Order: SVU offered a perfect Mother’s Day viewing cocktail. Olivia Benson was leaving the restaurant with her son, Noah. And the two bumped into Elliot Stabler.

It was the first time Noah, who Benson adopted years ago, met Stabler. Fans saw it as another step towards Benson and Stabler possibly becoming more than friends. (Read how fans reacted here.)

But if you were watching Law & Order: SVU Friday on Hulu, you never saw that last scene. TV Line reported that the final scene likely was cut to fit the streaming format. So if you didn’t watch it live or record it live off NBC, you didn’t see the final moments.

It was a weird way to end the episode. And it had nothing to do with who was in the scene. Olivia was enjoying a perfect Mother’s Day brunch. She’d just helped solve a case and now she was having lunch with Noah, outside, on a beautiful day in May. The mother and son got up to leave. And that’s when they ran into Stabler.

Stabler already was having a difficult day. He was clutching a bouquet of flowers. Olivia asked if they were for his mother, Bernie. Stabler mentioned he was on his way to see his mother, but first he was picking up the kids to head to the cemetery. Remember, on the show, it’s been a little more than a year since Kathy Stabler died after being injured in a car bombing planted by Richard Wheatley.

Benson received a call from her office, alerting her to the kidnapping of the 9-year-old daughter of NYPD officer Jessie Santos. Liv tells Stabler she’ll call him about the details. Instead, she takes Noah home and shows up at the Organized Crime offices.

Literally, there was no official ending to Thursday’s episode of Law & Order: SVU. Without a break for a commercial block, it all flowed seamlessly into Law & Order: Organized Crime for a crossover. The OC intro eventually did play, showing that the series had changed. (You can read the Outsider recap here.)

But nothing else was changed from the original episode to the streaming version. So Law & Order: SVU fans got to watch the creepy story of how a rich guy changed his name, became a pastor, joined a church group and sexually wooed the parents of a teen-ager. It was all to become emotionally involved with the family because he wanted a relationship with Beth, the 14-year-old daughter.

The man took Beth on a church trip in upstate New York. But the two never arrived where the church group was staying. Instead, the two found their way to a remote cabin. The SVU team eventually found Beth. But she wouldn’t allow herself to be examined for rape. She also said no to testifying against the man. The pastor made bail.

Beth ran away, again, to see the pastor. They wanted to exchange vows because she was pregnant with “God’s baby.” Olivia got the parents to say Beth could marry the pastor, but she needed to first do a pregnancy test. And once the results came back, it was easy to prove rape of an underage girl.

So Olivia happily celebrated a normal mother-son Mother’s Day brunch. Wouldn’t you love to see this face?

Noah, who is all curls and freckles, gave his mom a photo collage of the two of them. They hugged and then bumped into Stabler. And if you watched Law & Order: SVU on streaming, you never saw the final scene.