‘Law & Order’: This Network Shift Could Be Disastrous for ‘Organized Crime’

by Alex Falls

It’s been an eventful month in the news if you’re a fan of NBC procedural dramas. Kelli Giddish is exiting Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. A choice that was not up to her. Jesse Lee Soffer is leaving Chicago PD after starring in 10 seasons as well.

The news isn’t all gloomy. All three Law & Order shows will have an epic crossover event to kick off the new TV season. Including Law & Order: Organized Crime which is kicking off its second season. The newest spinoff is still early in its run, but fans are already enamored with the fresh spin on the classic formula.

However, a recent report claims NBC is considering making a drastic change that could impact Organized Crime. According to The Wall Street Journal, the network is considering shrinking its primetime output by cutting the 10 pm time slot from the nationwide output. NBC would then return that timeslot to network affiliates who would likely fill the hour with local news or syndicated programming.

The move would cut out 7 hours of programming from NBC’s primetime output. And currently, two of the most popular shows airing at 10 pm are Organized Crime and Chicago PD. This shift in programming could put the two popular procedurals on the chopping block.

Organized Crime airs on Thursdays. Proceeded by its sister shows Law & Order and SVU. Chicago PD airs Wednesdays along with its fellow Chicago One installments Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

What’s to Become of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

Reports of NBC’s shift in programming have swirled in recent days. However, the network has yet to confirm if such a move will officially happen.

The upcoming 2022-2023 TV season will go on as planned. This includes the upcoming second season of Organized Crime and the 10th season of Chicago PD. If the network does embrace shrinking their primetime output, such a move won’t happen until Fall 2023 at the earliest.

NBC released a statement to the Wall Street Journal, saying, “We are always looking at strategies to ensure that our broadcast business remains as strong as possible. As a company, our advantage lies in our ability to provide audiences with the content they love across broadcast, cable, and streaming.”

But where does that leave all of their output in the 10 pm time slot? Considering Organized Crime and Chicago PD are two of their most popular shows. Each part of a larger connected universe that fans love to see every second of. Surely the network wouldn’t cancel them.

That remains to be seen. Negotiations are still happening behind the scenes regarding the move. Even if NBC goes through with removing the 10 pm hour, these shows could find a new home streaming on Peacock. Stay tuned for more information as this story develops.