‘Law & Order’ to Unite All Three Shows in Historic Premiere Event

by Suzanne Halliburton

If you’re a Law & Order super fan, you’re going to want to block out three hours of couch time. So put the phone on Do Not Disturb. We’re talking massive, historic crossover.

NBC is celebrating the three franchises with a special event, Sept. 22. It’s the first time in Law & Order history for this sort of massive crossover involving the likes of Olivia Benson, Elliott Stabler, and Jack McCoy, along with newbie characters like Frank Cosgrove and Nolan Price.

Case Features an International Ring of Human Traffickers

According to NBC, here’s what to expect when Law & Order along with SVU and Organized Crime get together for three hours of case solving.

A murdered little girl triggers the crossover, with Law & Order detectives Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan) and Shaw investigating the case. (Shaw is a new character portrayed by Mehcad Brooks). Then, Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson is pulled in from SVU. So is Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) from Organized Crime. It’s all related to an international crime ring that traffics in humans and drugs. In the third hour, Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) try the case.

NBC says there will be “complications (that) threaten the outcome of their case.” Of course there will be complications, probably involving Stabler if we follow historical trends.

Someone Murdered a Mysterious Girl to Start Crossover

As you can see from the video, each of the major characters get a dramatic line of dialogue. It goes from Benson: “This was a coordinated attack. we’d like to work this case together.” Then Stabler adds “arms, drugs, sex trafficking.”

Then we see Jack McCoy, who tells us “If what you’re saying is true, it’s beyond comprehension.”

Fin (Ice-T) gets in on the action “looks like we’re going for a ride.” The Law & Order boss Kate Dixon offers “we need to win.” Cosgrove teases “there’s more to the story.” Detective Ayanna Bell (Danielle Mone Truitt) muses “they’re up to something.” We circle back to Benson “”keep fighting.” And then Stabler “together.”

Hugh Dancy (Nolan Price) and Sam Waterston (Sam Waterston) will try the case in the giant Law & Order crossover. (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Showrunner Says Crossover Looks More Like a Movie

It does look like this specific Law & Order Thursday won’t run the three shows in their normal order. Law & Order: Organized Crime is first, followed by SVU, then the classic Law & Order, which rebooted after a 12-year absence this past spring.

Dick Wolf, who created the shows, touted the crossovers.

“Nothing demonstrates the power of the Law & Order brand more than an ambitious three-hour event with a story that is truly ripped from the headlines that starts on Organized Crime, then migrates to SVU and finally the trial on Law & Order,” Wolf said in a statement. to the media “Rick [Eid] and Gwen [Sigan] did an amazing job writing a compelling script. And I can’t think of a bigger and better way to launch the new season of Law & Order Thursday.”

Rick Eid, the Law & Order showrunner, offered more details to TVLine,

“Unlike other crossovers, this is structured and produced more like a movie,” Eid said. told TVLine. “It’s not a handoff from one show to the next. It’s really one story that involves all the characters from the different shows.”