‘Law & Order’: Which Season Had the Best Finale?

by Shelby Scott

Law & Order has been on the air for more than two decades. As such, it has become difficult for longtime fans to choose their favorite season finale. However, as we await the next new season of the hit crime show, it has given us time to look at some of Law & Order‘s most successful finales. In doing so, we’ve been able to better determine some of the best in the series.

According to Looper, Law & Order fans have deemed the series season six finale, “Aftershock,” the best to date. Find a brief refresher below.

As per the outlet, the season six finale is rather tragic. Simply put, it sees some of our favorite characters partake in unhealthy coping rituals after convicting a criminal to death. Given their humanism, the execution affects Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), Kincaid (Jill Hennessy), Curtis (Benjamin Bratt), and McCoy (Sam Waterston) poorly.

To cope, McCoy gets drunk at a bar, Curtis cheats on his wife, and Briscoe, a recovering alcoholic, relapses. Every outcome is worse than the last, however, the most tragic ending belongs to Kincaid. After witnessing the convict’s execution, she goes to the bar where she finds McCoy and Briscoe and she, sober, gives the latter a ride home. Sadly, though, Kincaid never makes it home. As she’s driving her partner to his place, her vehicle is rammed by a drunk driver, and she gets killed off of the series.

While season six aired in 1996, its finale remains one of the most powerful of the show. In fact, the outlet stated some hail the season’s final installment not only as the best finale, but as the best episode period.

‘Law & Order: SVU’s Most Terrifying Villain of Season 22

More than two decades of Law & Order have introduced us to a litany of despicable, repulsive, and downright terrifying villains. However, one Law & Order: SVU season 22 villain is even more terrifying than others. And it’s because at both 10 and 18 years old, the character sets out to kill.

Longtime fans might recall meeting the 10-year-old murderer Henry Mesner in season 14, during the SVU episode, “Born Psychopath.” In it, Henry, again only a child, attacks his mother, attempts to kill his sister, and even holds another child at gunpoint. While the Law & Order team arrests him and sends him to juvenile detention, he’s released at age 18.

Fast forward to the season 22 episode, “Post-Graduate Psychopath.” There, we again come face to face with Henry Mesner though, by all appearances, he seems determined to mold himself into a regular member of society. We know the truth though.

Fuming at having been locked away for the latter half of his childhood, Mesner sets out with vengeance. Again, he targets his family, as well as anyone who played a part in sending him away. Ultimately, he kills both his father and stepmother, abducts his sister, and even stalks Agent Rollins and her daughter. Overall, it’s the familial ties to his victims that makes Henry Mesner so terrifying.