‘Law & Order’s Chris Meloni Posts Behind the Scenes Photos With Mariska Hargitay, Sam Waterston

by Joe Rutland

Talk about a pleasant surprise on a Thursday when you can see Chris Meloni next to his Law & Order co-star and good friend Mariska Hargitay. Need we get into the Stabler-Benson friendship on the show? Maybe not right now. But Meloni, who does play Elliot Stabler on Organized Crime, is letting us see some publicity photos that were recently done.

If you think it looks strange to see him with Hargitay as well as Sam Waterston, then there might be a method to the madness. For these three shows – that’s Law & Order, SVU, and Organized Crime – there is a huge crossover event taking place on Thursday, September 22, on NBC.

See, one case will bring all of these characters together on the shows. Waterston plays Jack McCoy on the O.G. show that came back to primetime TV last season. So, the case will first be up on Law & Order before moving on down to the other two shows. This is one great way to kick off these shows’ new seasons. Well, check out what Meloni is dropping on social media on Thursday right here.

Fans Go Gaga Over Seeing These ‘Law & Order’ Photos

Do you think the comments section was rocketing into a fourth dimension? It was lit, as the kids say. Heck, even the network Instagram account stopped by and shared one word: “LEGENDS”. We do not have any argument with that statement after seeing Meloni, Hargitay, and Waterston here for Law & Order shows.

Other fans were simply over the moon about seeing everyone together. Especially two of our favorite stars from back in the old-school SVU days. And heaven knows, these fans are really wanting “BENSLER,” as one put it, to become a couple finally. This might be a stretch right now but the fans might believe that the franchise is simply teasing them all over again. Meloni and Hargitay work well together and also separately on their own shows. When you have been a part of the SVU world as long as Hargitay has been, then it’s definitely something to behold.

Law & Order has had its fair share of great actors and actresses light up the different shows over the years. From Jerry Orbach and Richard Belzer to Angie Harmon and S. Epatha Merkerson, the names are simply amazing to roll out. Still, these fans are all just about ready to set up in front of their TV sets on a September night. These shows keep their fans glued to watching them all the time. With this big crossover event, they don’t have to go anywhere or change the channel if they do it. Simply sit back and enjoy every single show in the franchise on Thursday night next month.