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WATCH: ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Demore Barnes Returns in New Sneak Peek

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

The hit police procedural Law & Order: SVU has been on the air for more than two decades, and though it has its fair share of regular actors, it also includes plenty of guest stars and short-lived characters. Though this is helpful for the success of the show, as it keeps the series fresh, it can be tough for the actors whose characters are written off unexpectedly.

This was the case for Demore Barnes, whose character, Deputy Chief Christian Garland, was unceremoniously cast from Law & Order during the Season 23 premiere. “While I know you were happy that I was here, and that I’m happy that I was here, I also know you’re sad and surprised and I am too,” Barnes said on Instagram after learning of his character’s departure. “I don’t totally know why this happened.”

Barnes expressed pride in making SVU history as the first black deputy chief in the series. However, he was also disappointed by Chief Garland’s exit.

Now, Season 23 of SVU is coming to an end. And with the season finale on the horizon, Demore Barnes is making his way back to Law & Order. On the April 28th episode, “Tangled Strands of Justice,” Chief Garland appears once again, this time with a request for Captain Olivia Benson.

In a sneak peek of the episode posted by TV Insider, Benson and Garland share a warm embrace in a cafe. Afterward, however, the scene becomes serious as Benson prompts the Garland to share the information he had on a case he mentioned.

Chief Garland produces a missing poster for a 13-year-old girl named Aretha Green, who went missing 20 years ago. Garland believes she’s finally reappeared, and wants Captain Benson’s help to close the case.

Fans Share Excitement for Demore Barnes’ Return to ‘Law & Order’

As many Law & Order stars have attested to, fans of the show are extremely passionate. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that they wasted no time taking to social media to express their excitement for Demore Barnes’ impending return to Law & Order.

“BEYOND excited for Thursday with [Betty Buckley] and [Demore Barnes] returning!!!” one fan wrote. “We need him back permanently. We miss him,” another said.

Whether Demore Barnes’ return is for a single episode or multiple remains to be seen. What Law & Order fans do know, however, is that the door is clearly open for Chief Garland to come and go throughout the series.

Unless, of course, some unexpected drama occurs during the episode. Ice-T already revealed the spoiler that his character, Fin Tutuola, doesn’t die in Season 23. This leaves the possibility of another, less significant, character facing their demise at the close of the season.