WATCH: ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Ice-T Reflects on Where His Dick Wolf TV Journey Began

by Suzanne Halliburton

Ice-T was in a sentimental mood, Sunday, for all things Dick Wolf. And he wasn’t soaking in the nostalgia for an old Law & Order: SVU episode. Rather, he tossed it back to the early 1990s.

Remember when Ice-T played a recurring character on New York Undercover? He shared some memories on Twitter:

“If you’ve never seen my NEW YORK UNDERCOVER eps.. That’s where my Wolf Entertainment journey started.. SVU is my 5th show with Dick Wolf… And yes, I was Farrrrr from a Cop. he then offered the hashtag #DannyUp.

If Not For Danny Up, Maybe There’s No Fin on Law & Order: SVU

So here’s some TV history for you. Wolf created Law & Order for NBC. The show started in 1990 and ran through 2010, before picking back up this past February. Law & Order: SVU was the first L&O spinoff. Meanwhile, Wolf also co-created New York Undercover in the mid-1990s for Fox. And he also started Homicide: Life on the Streets for NBC.

Wolf added Ice-T to New York Undercover in 1995. The rapper turned actor portrayed Danny Cort, aka Danny Up. And as a drug dealer, he definitely was on the wrong side of the law. He was a vengeful character. If you watched the clip, you probably noticed that Danny Up clipped off the finger of one of his victims. Ice-T also had notable roles in movies, including his portrayal of police detective Scotty Appleton in New Jack City and as a gang leader in Ricochet.

Ice-T and Law & Order: SVU cast members, plus Dick Wolf, celebrate the 300th episode in 2012. (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

By 2000, Wolf added Ice-T to the cast of Law & Order: SVU. He was only supposed to play Fin for a four-episode story arc. But the season 24 premiere (Sept. 22) will be his 495th episode.

So what are the other Dick Wolf projects? In 1997, he starred in the short-lived Players. He played a pimp in Exiled: A Law & Order movie. Then came Law & Order: SVU. He partnered with Richard Belzer’s John Munch. And Belzer’s Munch first appeared in Homicide: Life on the Streets.

Ice-T has done crossovers with the Law & Order OG and the newest spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime. And he’s also appeared in three episodes of Chicago P.D. He’s everywhere. So thank you, Danny Up.

No wonder Ice-T likes to name drop Dick Wolf in interviews and social media posts. Back in December, Ice-T wished Wolf a happy birthday on Instagram. “I’d like to personally thank Dick Wolf for Fn with me and giving me a guest spot on New York Undercover back when I was public enemy #1,” Ice-T wrote. “The Country was trying to Blackball me, and nobody would touch me… 5 shows and over 27 yrs later.. Still in business thriving. My Sincere Respect.”

The only actor more identified with Law & Order: SVU than Ice-T is Mariska Hargitay. She’s played Olivia Benson for episodes.

“When people ask how I can be on a show for so long, I say, “It’s easy,” Ice-T said of SVU in an interview with TV Insider. “Everyone on the show is very cool, no one has harsh words and Dick Wolf’s checks clear, so it’s nice work.”