What Is ‘Law & Order’ Creator Dick Wolf’s Net Worth?

by Taylor Cunningham

After checking out Dick Wolf’s net worth, it seems that a career in writing and producing can certainly pay off.

Wolf definitely is more successful than most people in Hollywood, though. He currently has a bit of a monopoly on the world of TV dramas. The mastermind is behind all three series in the One Chicago universe and the current trio of Law & Order shows. He also has two FBI dramas on air along with a documentary called BTK: Confessions of a Serial Killer.

Of course, the writer and producer has also amassed a fortune through his past works such as Nightwatch and Miami Vice, his screenplay genius on School Ties, and his brief but lucrative career in ad writing.

But just how much is Dick Wolf worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the television mogul has saved up more than half a billion dollars, or, to be exact, $550 million.

Dick Wolf’s ‘Law & Order’ Franchise Has Staying Power

And considering the fact that most of Dick Wolf’s current projects seem to be sticking around awhile, he certainly stands a chance to join the world’s shortlist of billionaires.

Recently, NBC renewed Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. through at least 2023. And the Law & Order series aren’t going anywhere either. In fact, the shows are so popular that the OG series even came back last year after a 12-year hiatus.

When the series debuted in 1990, it set the television world on fire. Law & Order consistently made its way into the top-ranked shows each season. And, it even earned six Primetime Emmys. But for some reason, the network abruptly canceled the show in 2010.

But Dick Wolf wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the legal drama. For over a decade, he worked with NBC execs to hatch a plan for a reboot, and his tenacity finally paid off in 2021.

And after all those years, the writer’s original stars were waiting and willing to return to their roles. In fact, nearly all of the major players are back in court, including Sam Waterston, who also played a part in the reboot.

While Wolf was in negotiations with the network, Waterson also called NBC up and pitched a revival. So, it seems with all these people gunning for it, Law & Order was destined to make a return one way or another.

“I was never going to put it past Dick Wolf to do this,” Waterston told Stage Right Secrets. “He reminded me today that he called me up five years ago and said we were going to. But I’ve always known that he was never going to give up on this. What an extraordinary accomplishment. This is on the part of Dick Wolf and all of his team as he would be the first one to say yes as fast as he could. It’s just an extraordinary achievement. He’s made a virtual universe.”