‘Live PD’ Host Dan Abrams Says He Expects Backlash To Revival Show ‘On Patrol: Live’

by Alex Falls

Live PD was canceled two years ago after it and the similar reality TV show Cops became hotbeds of controversy. But the team behind Live PD is set to return to our screens with On Patrol: Live. The revival show comes to Reelz starting July 22nd.

Dan Abrams returns to anchor the series which looks to follow police officers across America in real-time. At the time of Live PD’s cancellation, Abrams tweeted that he was “shocked & beyond disappointed” and vowed, “More to come.” In an interview with the New York Post, Abrams said finding the right TV partner was crucial in bringing forward a new version of the police reality show.

“This show has become a part of my DNA. And I certainly want a partner who feels the same way,” Abrams said. “Reelz is really excited about this series. They’re committing a lot of their entire network to the series and are going to put their marketing behind it.”

Abrams said even though he understood the decision to take Live PD off the air. However, he was also “disappointed” and “felt strongly the show belonged on the air.” He said he was certain the show would eventually return in some form.

“We have a lot of people in this community who are into the show and are really invested in it [and] we didn’t want a short-term commitment,” Abrams said. “This is a show about being there with the police departments and embedding with them and becoming part of those communities, to some degree.”

Abrams Expects Backlash to On Patrol: Live

Abrams anticipates the show’s return will rub some the wrong way. But he hopes this new version will win over previous viewers looking forward to the Live PD team returning.

“Yeah, I would expect there will be some backlash, mostly from people who’ve never seen the show,” Abrams said. “And that’s OK. Look, policing is controversial, that’s the point of the show. To show police doing what they do, and what they do can be controversial. I’m prepared [for the criticism] and the producers are prepared for it — but, most importantly, people who watched the show regularly are now really excited about this new version.”

The biggest change to the format comes in the form of the new “Citizen Ride-Alongs” segment. During which regular citizens who live in the areas the show films can ride along with police officers for a more in-depth look at the policing process. Abrams called the segment “an upgrade for the show.” He believes the show does important work by helping find wanted criminals and even missing children through partnerships with local organizations.

“It’s important when people do analysis about shows coming back. And why this one was on or off the air, to understand that Live PD was longer-form,” Abrams said. “It was sometimes slow — we’re watching a traffic stop and sometimes that’s all that happens. And that’s OK, because that’s part of what this show is. This is watching police officers in action, watching situations unfold. I think in an era where people are generally more supportive of body cameras on police officers, on both sides now, that people would say this is a good thing to see more police in action.