‘Live PD’ Producer Reveals Why the Show Was Taken Off the Air

by Shelby Scott

On Patrol: Live‘s premiere episode kicked off with a rocky start on Friday. During its timeslot at 9 p.m. EST, the show’s network Reelz experienced major technical difficulties that saw the revival series premiere more than an hour late. Ahead of the reality TV show’s premiere, however, Live PD producer John Zito revealed why the original series caught the boot in the first place.

During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Zito shared a number of interesting tidbits about On Patrol: Live‘s origins. He also spoke about the narrative of the all-new series and, most importantly, what led to Live PD‘s cancelation. In speaking with the outlet, Zito touched on “copaganda.” He explained, “We were taken off the air at the time because there was this belief that the show was ‘copaganda’ and was too pro-law enforcement.”

Nevertheless, the producer argued, “for people who watched the show, we felt that it was very much not the case. A lot of people who criticized the show had never actually seen the show before.”

Instead, he argued that Live PD, and now its revival series On Patrol: Live, actually helps Americans socially. He suggested that it enables them to join in the conversation about law enforcement practices nationwide. It also takes viewers behind the scenes of a police officer’s role.

Zito continued, “We still feel that the show is that precise forum where these conversations are had about law enforcement in America.”

Zito also boasted about On Patrol: Live‘s broadcast network Reelz. The Live PD producer added, “Reelz believed in the show from its earliest iteration and understood that it addressed all these things.”

He added that when the revival series began production, crew members had no intention of drastically changing the storyline. Zito concluded, “The original concept of the show is what everyone was interested in.”

‘Live PD’ Host Dan Abrams’ Reaction Following the Show’s 2020 Cancelation

John Zito represents just one of several Live PD crew member disappointed by the show’s cancelation in 2020. Ahead of the revival series’ premiere, Live PD‘s Dan Abrams also shared his reaction to the show’s cancelation.

To the New York Post, Abrams said, “I was very clear when the show was taken off that I was disappointed in the decision. I understood it, but I felt strongly that the show belonged on the air.”

Abrams additionally spoke about the importance of finding “the right partner” to air the revival series. Doing so would enable On Patrol: Live‘s cast and crew to properly convey the narratives they wanted. As we now know, Abrams believes Reelz has become a natural fit.

Now, following a rocky start on Friday, Abrams imagines that many of the original show’s fans will return to see its revival as it again gets off the ground.