‘Live PD’ Revival: Dan Abrams Confirmed To Return As Host, Producer

by Taylor Cunningham

Following a two-year cancellation, Live PD is coming back to TV. And original host and producer Dan Abrams is once again at the helm.

However, there will be a few major changes made to the series. Instead of returning to its original network, A&E, the show is moving to Reelz. And it will no longer go by the title Live PD. Instead, the name is changing to On Patrol: Live.

We can also expect some format changes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But the series will still be under Big Fish Entertainment, and the host assures fans that On Patrol: Live will still feel familiar.

“In most ways, it is going to be a very similar type of show to the one that existed previously,” Abrams shared.

Live PD was a docuseries that followed police officers’ responses to everyday calls around the country. But A&E abruptly canceled the series after four years when the George Floyd case brought demonstrations to the streets in 2020.

When it was pulled, it was one of the network’s top-rated series. Just two months before the cancellation, A&E actually ordered an extra 160 episodes. But ultimately, execs believed that the social and political environment was too turbulent. And in an effort to keep its crew safe, they decided to stop filming in its tracks.

Dan Abrams Has Been ‘Advocating’ For ‘Live PD’s’ Return Since Its Cancellation

However, Abrams has been working to get the series back on screen all along.

“I have been advocating for the show to return for two years now,” he admitted. “And it was just a question of finding the right partner. I have had a number of inquiries from a number of networks about the show, and what I would typically do is have a conversation and then pass it on to the Big Fish folks, and then we would talk about whether it made sense. There had been a couple of other interesting discussions, but this one ended up making the most sense for everyone.”

Abrams went on to add that the upcoming episodes will now include civilian ride-alongs, and those additions will “fundamentally changes the fabric of the show.”

New police departments will also join the efforts. He also included that fellow Live PD regular Sean Larkin is returning to the screen. And Curtis Wilson, a recurring host, will star in On Patrol: Live.

“I do think the environment has changed [since Live PD was canceled], but I don’t think that should have determined whether Live PD, or a show like it, what is now being called On Patrol: Live, should be on the air,” Abrams added. “I think the more we talk about policing, the more we should want to watch police officers doing what they do. There was a conversation then about policing, there is a conversation now about policing. And as a result, I think it is a good thing to have a lens on police departments.”