‘Live PD’ Team Returns With New Series More Than Two Years After Cancellation

by Alex Falls

The team from Live PD returns to our TV screens more than two years after the controversial show was canceled. On Patrol: Live brings the team back together. The new series is set to debut on the Reelz channel this Friday.

Hosts Dan Abrams and Sean “Sticks” Larkin return alongside executive producer John Zito. Abrams spoke about the new series to Entertainment Weekly and noted there are some key differences between the two shows. Firstly, there’s a new face joining them. Deputy Sheriff Curtis Wilson, Division Commander with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in Columbia, South Carolina, will join the hosts in the studio.

Most notably, the new show features a brand-new “Citizen Ride-Along” segment. During the segment, residents local to the show’s covered areas get the chance to join officers on patrol. The first season gives viewers an inside look at 7 police and sheriff’s departments across the country serving and protecting. Abrams said the segment is fresh, but still taking shape.

“Those are gonna be people who probably watch the show and who [are in] the community where one of the departments is riding with us. They’ll go and report back to us,” Abrams said. “I don’t know that we’ve completely figured out exactly sort of what that segment will look like, but the point is for them to ride with the police and then come back and talk to us about that experience.”

A Fresh Start for the Live PD Team

Abrams described the new show as a chance for a fresh start. He hopes viewers don’t see it as a reaction to the scrutiny Live PD as well as Cops came under. Both shows were removed from the air following widespread protests that accused them of glorifying police brutality and racism.

“When you get to start from scratch, you want to figure out, ‘How do we make a better show? How do we make a different show?’ That was the goal here,” Abrams said.

Live PD became embroiled in controversy after their cameras captured footage showing the death of Javier Ambler who died in police custody in 2019. Their footage never aired on TV and was later destroyed. Abrams admitted it was a mistake the footage was lost, but he hopes his team learns from the experience to deliver a truer account of the events they capture.

 “I think there were two mistakes that were made [in 2019],” Abrams said. “Number one is, I think it should have been aired, just obviously not the final moments, so people could see for themselves. And number two, that the tape should have been retained. I think that this new show would adhere to both of those.”

Abrams went on to say he’s open to any and all criticism viewers might have regarding On Patrol: Live. Viewers will get the chance to judge for themselves when the show premieres this Friday on Reelz.