‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ Fans Blast Recent Episodes as ‘Fake’

by Samantha Whidden

Following a couple of weeks of “fake” new episodes, fans of the TV talk show Live With Kelly and Ryan are calling out the co-hosts, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, for the apparent “bait and switch” tactic. 

The Sun reports that during the latest episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan on Friday (August 26th), it was claimed in the preview that it would be the highly anticipated Halloween extravaganza with Nick Lachey. However, it was not the Halloween season. Instead, the show did airing during the summer. This pretty much annoyed the fans so much that they took to social media to air their grievances. 

“Haven’t watched [Live With Kelly and Ryan] in a long time,” one fan wrote. “WTH is going on with today’s episode? The costume themed plot is interesting to say the least.”

Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “Please consider renaming the show [Live With Kelly and Ryan] to ‘Previously Recorded’ since that’s all your showing and pretending otherwise.”

Other fans just seemed to be done with the daytime talk show and are moving on to another series. “Anyone else tired of this show always pre-recorded and one or the other not on? Just going to watch something else.” 

Ryan Seacrest Opens Up About What Makes Him and Kelly Ripa Great Co-Hosts 

In March 2022, Ryan Seacrest opened up about working with Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly and Ryan and what made the duo a great team. 

“Kelly and I have been friends for two decades,” the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host explained. “So we know each other way before – long before we were on the air together. When we look at each other and talk to each other, there’s obviously a tremendous amount of trust and respect, but also we can read each other’s mind. And I didn’t know we could do that so well, but that’s true every day.”

Seacrest joined Live With Kelly and Ryan in 2017. Ripa also spoke about this time with Seacrest in November 2020. “Working with your friends is a great privilege. It is a joy and I have to say that it is a rare thing and generous and kind to everyone. What you see of Ryan on the air is the person he is backstage, which is a unique thing.”

Ripa went on to add that her co-host brings joyfulness, enthusiasm, and professionalism. “I’m just so grateful to have [him] here.”

Seacrest noted that while they do a TV show together, it’s not just a TV show to them. “We come in and we literally have our first cup of coffee together and catch up with each other as friends do, and that’s the dynamic we hope we have with people who are watching as well.”